September 4, 2012

Tutorial : Play with Etude

Well I'm thinking of creating out my looks on my birthday last week and it pointed me to my Etude House Pink Box which I got from Etude House event. :3 since Pat loves a natural look so challenge accepted!

1. Put on your circle lens. My eye is so small so when I do a minimum makeup, I still need to enhance my eye by using a circle lens! Mwahahaha looks bigger in instant!

2.Bare face... nah so many redness everywhere... >:) gotta get rid of this for the special day!

3. Dot some BB cream or foundation and blend! I sometimes love to use medium-high coverage foundation to conceal my redness and even out my skintone. As you can see, my face is pretty dull.

4.Finished it by set the foundation with powder.
Taraaa... :3 looks much more better already but still look too pale. Let's add more color!

A little tips from me. :) Most of woman in Indonesia is kinda hard to find a right BB cream shade, sometimes is kinda too pale, too dark, or maybe too greyish. Combine it with your powder to create your own shade because most of BB cream will blend into your original skintone. If your BB Cream shade is too light, put on some powder with a darker shade or pour out some bronzer to avoiding the pale look. :)

5. Contouring... is a MUST in my case especially for my flat nose. T ^ T also on cheekbones. Add more dimention. But actually I always skipped countouring whenever I'm in hurry already. I try to do more in my eye make-up then if I were only have 5-10 minutes left.

6.Pour the blush on your apple cheeks.

7.Ended with a black eyeliner for create an illusion for a bigger eye. Avoiding any bright or sparkling color, so I put a matte light brown eyeshadow and a darker brown shimmery eyeshadow on the outer corner.  Skip the eyeshadow if you're have no time or if  you're just too lazy to put on eyeshadow. I think I should named this tutorial under 'Lazy Makeup Tutorial' LOL!!

8. Finally it comes to the end. :3 Moisture your lips, choose anything you like either lipstick, liptint, or even your tinted lipbalm and you're ready!

Lipstick + lipgloss is such a perfect combination for me.

Don't forget the nails!

And here's how do I look
Naaahhh, I'm not really wearing that cap when I was going out LOL. Just thinking that it would match the red cherry color on my shirt.

I love how Korean cosmetic are so damn good when it comes to achieve a soft natural look, even if they use bright color. LOL. You don't need to worry if you put too much product and looks messy. In my experience using korean cosmetic, they are just designed that way, to enhance the natural look. You can do it for everyday make-up in no time. The only key is to keep your face looks flawless, enhance the eye with eyeliners, and give some color on cheeks and lip.

I decided to do the review on a separated post considering it will be too long in a post. :D  I wanna say thanks to all of readers that come and pay a visit to my blog even I don't update it regularly now. But seriously, I'm really busy at the moment T_________T I hope you guys understand and still wanna come for a visit.

Thanks for reading lovelies... ;) will back with the reviews of lovely pinky stuff!


  1. Fresh banget, suka deh <3
    Setuju ah, kosmetik & makeup korea emang natural2, biarpun warnanya ada yg gonjreng tapi jatohnya tetep wearable.

  2. lucu gab!! :) kapan ya kita ketemu2 lagi.. kangennn euy!!

  3. look flawless and natural....
    so cute..:)

  4. kapan yahhhh :s hu uh nih kangen buangettt


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