September 19, 2012

Coverderm Classic, The Magic of Coverage Foundation

Having an imperfection on your special day? Bumps, acne scars, birthmarks, dark circle and many more! Acne scars are not my only biggest problem since I have a surgery scars on my left eyelid. Did you guys even notice it? xP So I need to conceal it right away or sometimes I just grow my bangs longer to cover it. I wonder if there's any foundation that have a really high coverage but most of foundation that I found nowadays couldn't really conceal my scars perfectly. 

And now... let me introduce to this miracle foundation LOL! I swear it works like magic for me x)

Coverderm Classic Foundation!

The products come with aspatula and a sponge. :3 Useful companion, you don't have to dip in your finger there and you get a sponge to blend the foundation.

I got this from previous event from Coverderm (no post about it because I lost the data in my HDD accident). :3 And it has become my HG foundation for perfect coverage and achieve super flawless look!

I got mine in shade 4. They got 15 shade so you got a plenty of choices :)

As you can see, it has a really hard texture considering it's a high coverage foundation. So you need to heat it with your finger before you blend it on your face to.

 Back of my hand was pretty tan because I rarely use any sunblock LOL but I think it would be better to see the swatch on it.   I found out the foundation was kinda too fair on my face at first, but it matches with my skintone after several minutes.
 See what I mean?

It takes a little time to blend the foundation evenly, but make sure you blend it well to avoid any uneven look. You don't wanna look like a ghost, right? :P

I put the foundation on half of my face and let's see the difference :3

Can you see the difference? All my imperfection concealed perfectly! I swear I didn't photoshopped this! I also don't wear any powder. XD my skin look so even and flawless. I love this foundation very much!!

Okay.. okay I'm not having any bumps or acnes at the moment I captured the photo above, so if some of you might wondering if it really works for acne or scars. So let test it out on my surgery scars.

No photoshop! It's only 1 layer. If I add more layer, it can be concealed much more better. 

As you can see, the scar is pretty annoying especially if I lift my bangs up, that's the reason why I never cut my bangs. It was a horrible incident in the past when I climb my front fences, I tore my lid when I tried to get down. -_-a how stupid I am in the past...I feel super terrified every time I remember about that, but I can't even think how come I was super calm back then? I was only 4! I'm not even crying and still asked my mom about where are we going to while everyone were freaking out like crazy. Moreover I said that I don't wanna go to the hospital. #facepalm ... I swear I will never climb fences anymore...

Luckily it only scratch my lid and not my eye. I remember how my mother screamed out at the first time and said no one would marry me because of that! I was like... what the............ It seems like the scar was so bad and I look like a bad guy. o_o She was really afraid that no one will marry me and put any creams on my eye to  heal it.When I'd grown up, I don't really pay attention on my scars LOL. Pat even doesn't notice the scars until I told him :P #trollface...Maybe I need a plastic surgery, but it doesn't really a big deal. :\ is it only me who think like that?

Besides its super coverage, this foundation is also hypoallergenic which is really good for sensitive skin. I wear this foundation several times, although when I'm having some breakouts but it doesn't irritate my skin or make my acne getting worse. :) So I could say, it's really safe for sensitive skin. Moreover, it has a really nice staying power too. It stays all day long without transferring. :D superb!

But no matter how good it is, I don't recommend you to use it everyday.  Choose something lighter for daily use. I only use it when I need to attend some special events.

-Medium to full coverage
- Hypoallergenic
-Great staying power

-Quite pricey!

Rating 4.7 / 5

You paid what you got girls!;)

Little tips : Build the coverage in this order : foundation- powder- foundation - powder and so on. It helps to lock each layer to stay on your skin so it won't fade away quickly.


  1. gab ga kliatan kok scar km pas kita ketemu, ketutupan poni kali yaa..
    ud banyak ya yg blg foundie ini bagus, syang harganya agak menguras kantong x_x

  2. Wow! this sounds really interesting! The coverage was really good~ Thanks for sharing =)

  3. iya ketutupan poni... >.< hehehe buat invest special ocassion sih bagus banget ini.. coveragenya memang oke dan buildable...aku juga ga sering2 pake.. sayang hahahah

  4. yes you should try this if you need a high coverage foundation :D

  5. waaa! didn't notice your scar, maybe cuz its not very obvious eh. duh kapan baru bsa beli coverderm etah x__x bagus banget

  6. if only this wasn't that pricey i'd purchase one for myself. I think it's not a big issue as well, but still, plastic surgery wouldn't be so bad since it'd make ur scar gone forever for good :)

  7. nice review,,
    sepertinya bagus untuk nutupin dark circle OxO

  8. yeap... but I'm kinda scary with any kind of surgery now >_<

  9. bisa kok asal dipakai dengan cara yang benarr... :D

  10. have you chalking this foundation?

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