October 26, 2014

Feel the Ryhthm of Love for POND'S New Flawless White

I love listening to the music in most of my time. When I was on my way to a place, when I was working, when I need some inspiration, when I'm feeling sad or happy. I kinda like how music could help enhancing my mood throughout the day. 

And that's how wonderful our new little friend could be. 

A little hint that you might want to remember before I reveal it later :9

Got the keywords? I even matched the theme on my hair ^.^

As you might guess from my post title, POND'S Indonesia invited me to introduce their latest product from POND'S Flawless White series. The event was held at Hermitage Hotel, Menteng.

Credits to Kania
We're divided into groups and played a mini games to determine the sensation of new POND'S Flawless White.

I came to a surprise when we're asked to do a blindfold test. I was like .... seriously? I recall the last time I do blindfold test is for my science test where I was still in elementary school. 

Credits to Kania
Therefore, here we go. The purpose of a blindfold test is to help us focused on our senses besides sights. In this test, we're challenged to feel about POND'S new product without seeing it. This is really my first time doing any beauty test without seeing. I have to admit that somehow our sights could be deceiving lol because we tend to believe what we see. Well I'm not going to ruin the fun by revealing the results now :p

Mrs. Anggiaswari Odang, as POND'S Senior Brand Manager, explain about the benefits of this new item in the Flawless White Series. One of the interesting part is POND'S developed the benefits of sensorial experience in this new products.

And surprisingly I won the best dress o.o Hahaha thanks to my flower headband.

Winning-team for mini games.

And this is our group-fie. 

So it is about time for me to reveal what it is...

Let's see what's inside the box :3








So this is the new products from POND'S Flawless White Series... 


I think moisturizer in gel form is not really common among Indonesian women. Living in humid country, I was having a hard time to find a light and suitable moisturizer for my skin (I have oily-combination skin). Cream moisturizer tends to make my face feels greasy and uncomfortable especially if I have to stay outdoor. Therefore, I usually stick to light moisturizer such as serum and lotion. 

POND'S New Dewy Rose Gel contains Rose Lumiere Serum and GenActive. Rose Lumiere Serum is extracted from Alpine Rose. Unlike the other roses, Alpine Roses grows in an acidic soil around the mountain which caused it to develope an ability to preserve moisture better. This is the reason why POND'S created a new formulation from Alpine Rose to keep our skin moisturized for 24 hours. 

GenActive contains vitamin B3, vitamin E, Allantoin, and Optic. POND'S has developed all of these ingredients to reach the deepest part of our skin and prevent darkening. 

As you can see the texture is really light and watery. The gel will dissolve after being applied and leaves a moisturizing feel on your skin without any greasy feelings. ^.^ It also gives a slight of cooling effect and not forget to mention that it has a very nice scent. 

POND'S has developed a research that a sensorial experience could affect how does a women feel. It is another reason why they created a new moisturizer in gel formula. I have to agree that I love the 'unusual feelings' when I apply the gel. It feels light, way more refreshing with the slight cool sensation and leaves my skin being moisturized. A major love for people with oily or combination skin since gel doesn't add more greasy feeling on your skin. 

This sensorial experience is totally a mood booster for my skincare routine. It feels as if I'm suddenly falling in love with the gel-moisturizer now hehehe. 


POND'S also improved their previous cream into a soft cream formula and SPF 30 PA+++. 

The texture is very creamy and easy to blend with. The consistency is thicker than the gel but it doesn't feels greasy and easily absorbed into our skin. It is also have SPF 30 PA +++ which is suitable for outdoor activity. I think this cream moisturizer will works wonderfully especially for those who have a very dry skin :)

Soft-bouncy cream that smells like marshmallow hehehe. 

I love how POND'S innovates their new product with the sensorial experience which sounds simple but turns out to be a great idea. Applying skincare is not only having benefits for your skin but could also help enhance your mood. Well, it works like listening to the rhythm of music for me... the rhythm of love that makes everyone feels happy ^.^  It feels like a daily therapy to start your busy day with a happy feelings. :) 

I love it so much that my little bear also loves it too hehehe...

A little love message from my little bear.

Have you tried this POND'S Dewy Rose Gel? 

POND'S Indonesia


  1. aaa kamu cantiiik cekaliii.. gabby! deserve to win a best dress <3 hihi..aku minta foto yang ber5 ya? hehe... <3 <3 <3

  2. What a gorgeous looking event! ^ - ^


  3. makasih sha ^.^ hehehe engga lahh kamu tuh yang cantik .... boleh, ambil aja fotonya yaa :D

  4. I do like the article that you have posted. It is full of kindness and optimism. I think that this the most important. I am waiting for more.

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