October 31, 2014

Find Your Own Style with Firmoo Glasses

As someone who have nearsightedness (myopia), I cannot leave without my glasses or contact lenses. Since my eyes are really sensitive back then, my doctor didn't allow me to wear contact lenses for daily basis. Therefore, I prefer my glasses besides it is easier to wear and remove too. 

Firmoo Team was kindly asked me if I am willing to do a review for their glasses. As a satisfied customer from our previous collaboration and amazed with their glasses quality, I'm very excited to try on their prescripted glasses.

This is the glasses of my choice. They are also kind enough to let me choose the glasses and help me through the ordering process. 

The glasses come in a secure package and they also give you two different case, a hardcase and a softcase. Unlike some of glasses that come with crappy case, Firmoo glasses are different. You can even tell from their case. The hardcase is very sturdy and I could imagine it will hardly break. It is also nicely done with a leather-look and vintage map printed on it. The softcase is also a really good one since it is made from a waterproof material yet feels very soft inside so it will not scratch your precious glasses. 

And here is the details of the glasses...

What I love about Firmoo is they bring a wide range of glasses with unique and unusual shape. Most of glasses that I could find in my country is quite common, therefore if you're looking for a stylish glasses with a great quality, you know where to go right?

I am actually not a blue-color girl, but I feel in love with these glasses because it looks very stylish and wearable in the same time. I was having a really hard time finding a glasses on Firmoo's site since I love many of their glasses collection. Of course they also have a good choice of normal-looking glasses. As for the quality, I couldn't have any single complain ^.^

The materials is sturdy enough as I am a very clumsy person, I need a glasses who could handle through my hard routine lol. The lenses are perfectly cut and clear. 

Perfectly fit inside the softcase. I never forget to bring it in my bag now . 

Last but not least, this is how the glasses look on me.

Pretty good, right? I love it lol perhaps I should dye my hair blue next time to match my glasses hehehehe...

You can go directly through their site and ask their team if you're facing any difficulties.


Have a lovely day ahead!

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  1. Maybe, I am the only person to whom glasses don't fit at all. Although, I would like to buy such ones like this. Anyway, thank you for the photos.


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