November 17, 2014

New Martha Tilaar Shop Concept at Grand Indonesia

Last week, Martha Tilaar team invited me to visit their new branch store in Grand Indonesia. They also gave me a shopping voucher to complete my shopping experience in the new store, yeay! So, let's get going.

The new Martha Tilaar branch store is located in the West Mall 3rd Floor, a strategic location and easy to spot. The store looks very spacious and decorated with various beautiful display inside. 

As you might know, Martha Tilaar produces a wide range of brands and products. I am amazed that you can find all Martha Tilaar products in this store. Starting from Caring Colour, Biokos, PAC, Sariayu, and many more! They also provides a complete tester for each product.

I love how they arranged the store nicely without being packed since the store provides a lot of products. But they managed to arrange everything in place and of course it make us, as customers, easy to browse through the products. Each brand have their own section and displays.

They even have a sink inside so you can easily clean your hands after finished playing with tester lol.

I'm not lying right? It is very complete! ^o^ I could see all the tester come in a complete range of shade, so no more worries. You can take your time to find a suitable products in here.  

As for their interiors, they combined the unique elements of Indonesian traditional culture with a modern touch. I stared at this beautiful tree murals for a while when I was there.

Traditional lamps are arranged into a beautiful 'chandelier'.

They also have these lovely shopping basket for the customers. 

Wall of Fame about Mrs. Martha Tillaar and the journey of her brand. 

I'm really impressed with the new store's concept. They could somehow managed the essence of Indonesian culture in a sophisticated way and it describe the whole look of new Martha Tilaar Store. I love the combination of different elements and materials for the interiors.

In this branch store, they also have a create-your-own-lipstick corner (CYO). 

The process kinda remind me about mixing paint colors back then when I was at school. 

I was excited to try on this CYO but unfortunately I was in a rush so I will probably give it a try next time hehehe.

As expected from all cosmetic stores, Martha Tilaar Shop have a make-up station which can be used for makeover or even if you're curious to try on the makeup. 

The make-up station is located around PAC brand. 

The make-up station is very spacious with a big mirror. Can't help but take a selfie lol...

Well the next part will probably surprises you the most. They apparently have spa and treatment rooms inside the store. o.o I didn't noticed back then since the room was hidden inside and I was thinking it might be the staff's room.

 There are four rooms which are two massage rooms, one foot spa room, and one facial room. These rooms will be used for spa and treatment session when there's any seasonal promotion. It's pretty nice right? You can enjoy so many privileges while shopping in Martha Tilaar Shop. :D

And these are several items that attracts me the most.

Dewi Sri Spa which carry a premium body care products. I ended up buying some of the products and let me know if you want me to review them. ^.^ 

As for the makeup, I adore PAC new makeup box and madly in love with their packaging.

 Bold and brave colors <3

 I came to a little surprise that Martha Tilaar have various sets of fake eyelashes range now. Never heard or seen about it before I make a visit to their store. 

Last but not least, a warm service from all the beauty advisors. I browsed through the whole store with this lady keep me accompany and answer each of my question nicely. I could said that everyone are well trained and ready to help all customers who need helps in finding a suitable products.

I highly recommend you to visit this store if you want to find any Martha Tilaar products. I spent around 2 hours hanging around in their store, taking pictures, trying on the testers and not even finished exploring the whole store hahahaha... *imagine*. They also have a lot of interesting seasonal promotional offers and great services. Now you know where to go if you want to find any of Martha Tilaar products, don't you agree?

Grand Indonesia Shopping Town Jakarta
West Mall 3rd Floor #19
Telp. 021 - 2358-1044


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