December 29, 2014

The Joyful Christmas with The Body Shop and Mini Giveaway

It's December already! The end of the year, the moment of celebration, and not forget to mention about Christmas. December has been the month I've always waiting for after a long routine in a year, beside there are another personal things to celebrate in December beside Christmas.

Therefore, The Body Shop Indonesia invited me to their Christmas Blogger Gathering.

We're welcomed with a delicate lunch and a light talk with each other.

Each beauty blogger are paired with a child and do various activities such as games, listening to a live performance.

I was paired with Rudy :) He is such a good boy and a little bit shy that he turned away when I asked him to take a picture

I was surprised to see the performance since I think the entertainment industry for kids are almost gone for the past years. I'm glad there are several thoughtful people who are willing to spare their time and enliven the world of kids entertainment. :)

I remember in my childhood, we sing a happy-fun song and not such a mellow-dramatic adults song. My mother never let me though.

Finally, it's time for Christmas Carol! Well I loves doing this even since I was a kid hehehe.

And here is Rudy with his happy smile and ready to 'switch' our gifts.

All the bloggers received the Christmas limited gift from The Body Shop. Well it's Christmas for everyone :D

Overall, I enjoyed the event very much and I feel this activity could inspire people to share some happiness in this joyful moment. :)

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