January 3, 2015

Hello 2015

The old 2014 year has passed and we're currently moving forward into 2015. I can't never believe how time flies so fast. 

Therefore, here are several updates during the holiday. 

First celebration goes for Pat's Birthday and our 5th anniversary. These two things always come together every year considering he set our anniversary date right after his birthday on purposes. 

Pardon for the fierce looking and inappropriate but I can't help for not posting this lol. At least one photo can be forgiven hahaha. I'd secretly prepared a surprise party with his friends. The plan was nearly failed but we finally managed to make it happen.

5th Anniversary gift. Hand-knitted scarf. I really love the results although they give my arm such a pain afterwards. 

Okay before I ruined your imagination of how romantic I am, well the truth is because I have no time to prepare a proper gift and it is such a forbidden thing to buy things for anniversary gift. I am someone who against of that idea. I feel that a handcrafted gifts has a particular meaning for the person who will receive it. Therefore, I spare 2 nights and 1 day straight to finish them. The inspiration just come around H-5 via pinterest and an evil encouragement from one of my dearest knitter friends. That's pretty much explain the history of these two little foxes.

In the first place, I planned to create a red and gray fox. Unfortunately I have no gray yarn lefts and I think somehow the combination of green-red color kinda represent Christmas. So I decided to knit it anyway although a green fox is kinda unacceptable lol. The color is pretty dark anyway so I guess the green color is not really obvious. 

Having a small reunion with my college friends and we can't even think that we'd graduated for quite a long time. Feeling old already hahahaha. It is surely nice to have a great talk with friends especially your best friends. We're still the same person although we rarely meet each other now. :) 

Going out with my partner in crimes on another day. Spent my whole afternoon with a random conversation while slicing this cute monkey little by little (read : eating). 

Finally got to end the year with Pat by going back to a place where we celebrated our New Year's Eve for the first time. We're both under 20 back then and could only afford the beverages at the moment LOL. We decided to have steak to give ourselves a little treats. It is such a long 5 years and many things have changed in our life. They also got our favourite song at that night so it really made our day. Completely in love with all of the meals and enjoyed the fireworks on rooftop. It's really a perfect place to go for us. It is merely awesome. :)

Here are my previous revolution from 2014 and I think I'd done pretty good.

- Go get a new camera
I'd finally got a new Canon EOS 700D which I loved so much although I keep complaining about its weight. I was quite unsure to change into mirrorless back then because I think they will come up with a better features in few next year compared to DSLR. Some people said the best camera that you can got is the one that you're used to, so I decided to get the newer version of my old camera.

-Work hard and learn more.
Actually few things happened and too bad it is the unpleasant one for most of the time. I was having a really hard time in this year and I had my lesson learned.

- Starting our future plan.
To tell you the truth, the plan is kinda shifted. The goal is still the same but it is just we're trying to do it in different path for some reasons. I guess we only need a right time to start in this year.

- Be a good blogger
Okay I failed. I failed like VERY BAD. I haven't mentioned it anywhere but I was just recovering from the biggest breakout in my life. In earlier 2014, I was trying a new skincare regime from a brand and unfortunately it break me out like hell. Due to my busy workloads, I have no time for updates but thankfully it's getting better now. I will try my best to be more active in 2015 :D

- Go travelling to an interesting place
I could say that I visited several interesting places in 2014. Well not really far though for now but I think it is a good start. My office have scheduled a monthly outing and it turn out to be really fun to discover new places.

And here is my 2015 resolution
• Improve my work pace 
I'd stated it before, 2014 is not going really well in my work. I'm glad that it is getting better recently and hopefully I could able to cope it up better next year. Having mistakes is fine as long as you learn and didn't repeat the same mistakes. We learn from mistakes and failures.

• Finish my personal projects
The most common thing for a graduated student is to earn for their living LOL. I'm currently planning several projects and hopefully could finish them before 2015 ended. Need to earn more money for my living and yes, there's no such thing as dream job unless you make it happen :)

• Travelling to another country
I loved visiting new places! Therefore, I have my courage to create my passport and planning to travel aboard this year. Still cannot decide where to go but yeah, let's see.

• Buy new photography tools
Several people will start to call me such a camera freak hahahaha. Blame why I go into design school, because that's how I learn pretty much about photography and being sucks in a field that I'm in is a big NO in my life. Don't forget to blame that perfectionism side of mine too. Okay just kidding. Take it as 25% seriously. I am not a person who loves photography in the beginning especially for the pressure in such a short time. Lately, I kinda enjoyed my time to learn and discover new things in photography. Thanks to my blog, I have more chances and objects to experiment. I guess it is a good investment to buy a need a new range of lenses to improve my pictures.

• Buy a smaller camera
Okay in this point, it still have something to do with previous one. I'd stated how heavy is my DSLR although it is way more lighter than my old one but still a DSLR will always be a DSLR with a DSLR weight. You cannot complain or else go find a smaller camera. Not rushing for finding one since I think my current cellphone camera is doing pretty good.  I guess it will be another long way to go for finding the right one...

• Be a good blogger
2014 is one of the most inactive phase for me as a blogger. However, I am feeling grateful that I am still given an opportunity to work together with several famous brands. I am trying to do my best this year :) As a kickstarter, I tried to change my blog layout. Well it is not nearly perfect though besides coding is not my thing and I don't know why html these days are getting super complicated so I guess I need to spare some time to learn.

• Be a better person 
One of the important thing in my life is to keep your mind straight for a better future-self. I believe success and happiness cannot be count by how much physical things we'd earned. The same thing goes for a human quality. I could not really determined how good I am either but as life continues, we will enjoy a better life when we had grown with such a better personality. 

Overall I feel that I had done nothing in my holiday unless having a great bed time and prosperous homemade meals lol. Everyone told me that I do really need a proper break time and I guess I'm doing it right, ain't I?

Ending this post with my favorite shot of fireworks in 2015. Feeling surprised to capture this beautiful pictures in one shot while the other pictures didn't turn out really good. Moreover, it is in red color, my most favourite color on earth! Call it a jinx but I think it sounds like a good start in a new year. May we have a better year with a better opportunity ahead. Happy New Year!


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