February 17, 2015

Review : The Bath & Body Works Body Mist

Today's highlight is to share about my current favourite fragrances from Bath & Body Works. I accidentally stumbled upon their newest branch store in the nearest mall and somehow excited with their opening promo so I ended up buying (again).

They were offering a special promo for three travel sized products such as body wash, body lotion, and body mist. Never been a person who loves the luxury toiletries so I decided to pick three body mist in different variants.

I usually stick to one kind of fragrances, but it turns out to be a new and fun experience for me to use a different kind of fragrances.

A sweet but strong scent that could spice up your day. A perfect choice for your date :) If I could describe this scent in person, it would be a sweet little girl who smells like sweets and cotton candy hehehe.

Judging from its name, I thought this scent would be something 'mature' or 'flattering'. It turn out to be the mildest scene out of the rest. It has a subtle smells of talc and the night fresh air. I am personally love this one very much and use it pretty often since I dislike an overpowering scent.

It reminds me the fresh air of the ocean. I could understand the reason why it is Pure Paradise. Not really sweet to my liking but yet a very mild and nice scent perhaps for a holiday trip.

I am impressed with these products since it last pretty much all day. However, it depends on which kind of variants, a strong scent such as Velvet Sugar lasts for a longer time.

I know it's hard to explain the scents through words. Well the best advice that I could give is to visit the nearest store and try on them by yourselves hehe. It's worth for every amount of your money. Moreover, they're pretty small and made from a sturdy plastic. I believe they could fit easily in your bag and keep you fresh at any time.

Have you tried them? What is your favourite perfumes?



  1. Aku suka banget deh desainnya. pastinya akan ada banyak desain yang lebih keren lagi saat Indonesia Fashion Week, apalagi dengan kehadiran Sariayu Martha Tilaar sebagai official make up and hair do nya acara tersebut hingga IFW ke 2015 nanti yang ke-4.

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