February 13, 2015

Review : The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil

One of my reason being inactive last year is because I was having a massive breakout because of new skincare trials. It is probably one of the most terrifying breakout that I ever had in my life and I was in a desperate state to find something that could help me through those hard moments. D:

I had read so many good reviews about The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil but since I'd failed with several products before, I didn't have much hopes in it. I was simply thinking I will only give this one a try before I go to dermatologist.

Well... I did make a right choice.


Price IDR 129.000 ($10)

It is packed inside a green glass bottle with a safety cap. Unlike a normal bottle cap, you need to press the cap down and twist afterward to open. I find this kind of cap are way more secure since it couldn't be accidentally opened.

The texture is light and not as oily as I thought. Pour out 2-3 drops and dab it with your finger or cotton bud on the troubled area. It will be absorbed into your skin after several minutes without leaving any noticeable stain behind. You can continue by applying your skincare afterward. Avoid contact with the tip of the bottle to prevent any contamination.

It has a strong smell which kinda reminds me of cajuput oil (minyak kayu putih), I am not sure if all tea tree oil smells the same since I am not really familiar with the ingredients. Some people might find the smell is quite intriguing and if that is the case, I recommend you to apply it every night.

In my case, I apply it every single morning and night with an expectation to accelerate the recovering process of my skin to its normal condition.

I must said it works wonderfully on my skin! I finished my first bottle after 1 month intense usage, with twice application every day and I think I applied it almost on my whole face since I cannot find any smooth surfaces on my skin back then. I finished my second bottle in 3 months afterward when my skin is getting way more better already. :) Noted that I only use the Tea Tree Oil without the whole range of their Tea Tree Skincare since I don't want to give another try with new skincare regime  again.

o_o I am on my 3rd bottle now and will always have one in my skincare table.

It could help to reduce any inflamation or any bumps on my skin. I am amazed with the way it works since I have never really found a product that could work well to fight against all my acne and bumps.

As for the price-wise, I'd came to think it is quite affordable now. A bottle could last for around 2-3 months in regular usage. I used to think it was quite expensive back then when I finished my first bottle. Well, I guess I finished my first bottle way too early hahaha. Besides, it is available in all The Body Shop stores and you only need pay a visit to the nearest store :)

I'm so glad that I decided to give it a try ^.^ As for now,  I never have any worries in dealing with acne :)

- Effective
- Last long
- Quite affordable

- Unpleasant smell for some people

Rating 5/5

Cannot ask for more except please do not discontinue the production! Hehehehe.

P.S. : Please noted that every skincare products will deliver a different results depends on your skin type.

If you're having a breakout or acne problems, it might be something that you should consider then. :)

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  1. I'm using the cool & creamy wash and it works wonderfully on my face. It does reduce sebum and it doesn't drying my face
    Glad that you found a product to cure your acne problem. Is the tea tree oil drying your face? I'm planning to get this oil but I'm scared it might drying my face since I can't use mosturizer now

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog, Riyn. The Tea Tree Oil doesn't make my skin dry at all and I also skip moisturizer for a when my breakout was really bad hehehe... Glad to hear that the creamy wash works great on you. I might give it a try :).

  3. wahhh kyny beneran bagus ya ini.. si sasha jg suka bgt sm tea tree body shop >.<

  4. iyaa baguss ^^ di aku ngefek bangettt soalnyaa.. cobain deh rinn hehehe


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