January 10, 2016

Hello 2016

Hello everyone! I know it's kinda late but Happy New Year to all of you. As usual, I will start my annual post about the end of the year.

December is one of the busiest month, at least for me. My mom's birthday, Pat's birthday, and our anniversary. Not forget to mention, workload is increasing like hell too. I was so excited because things are totally different after we moved out (read here for the story about our moving).

First things is my mom's birthday. We decided to celebrate my mom's birthday by having dinner in her favorite Chinese restaurant. We also bought her a big cake and let her blow the candle. I'm glad that she enjoyed it and of course I wish her to be healthy and happy all the time. The best mom ever for us ^.^

The next guy on the list. Nothing special except I decided to get him a big 25 balloon and a red shirt which couldn't fit him although it is the biggest size available. I told him that it is a 'motivation' for him to lose weight and fit into the shirt LOL.

Truth is I had no idea left for his gift. This guy is extremely picky when it comes to something that he would wear on daily basis.

Another milestone which I never think that we would make it this far. Nothing special in this year as we were only shopping for groceries and spent the night by cooking dinner with my family.

Found these cute pair of keychain while shopping groceries and decided to buy. Don't be fooled by how cute it looks. Despite of the innocent seal, please notice the whistle as well. The next thing we do is of course blow the whistle and being so noisy hahahaha.

As usual, I did another hand-made gift. This time, it is an improved version of something that I've been done for our previous anniversary.

Both sides represent ourselves with our good side and bad side. Have no idea how the inspiration comes in the first place,but  it just come across my mind that we made it this far because both of us could accept each other, both our good and bad side. I just think it would be nice to visualize things on paper. Well, another good way to improve my coloring and lettering too.

In case of you're wondering how the bad side looks like.

In other side, Pat told me that I would be super happy when I received my Christmas gift. He even being so annoying and asked me EVERY SINGLE DAY to open the gift earlier. He also told me a very weird clue.

"There are 3 gifts available for you. When you opened the first one, you still couldn't figure out the rest. After you opened the second gift, you will know what is the last one. " I have no idea what kind of thing is it but I don't really care either lol.

Guess what?


A bunch of cute fellas, Mr. Cow Family.

Perhaps I am someone who have such a big interest in stuffed animals. The thing is I actually owned the smallest and the medium sized cow for a long time already, around 10 years I guess. The biggest one is the only cow I didn't manage to buy because back then I was a student and it was pretty expensive. It feels so magical that I could finally own the biggest one, the last piece of the Cow Family.

Had this annual meeting with my college friends again as we rarely meet this year. Learning from last year experience, we decided to go for all you can eat for reunion LOL. We enjoyed the meal to the fullest and then had a great time talking about everything in our current life.  We're also doing Christmas Carol and of course the 'photo of the year' which are totally made up LOL.

We were also decided to sleep over for a night after New Year since we don't have plenty of time after holiday. It is indeed very fun and I'm grateful that I have a lot of friends who encourage me a lot to go through things.

Well I didn't get a long holiday this year as I still need to go to the office after 25, so there weren't much things to do as I was occupied with works. I opened the old archive about last year resolution and decide to have a quick review for myself. Apparently, a lot of things has been neglected due to a lot of matters happened back then but I think there are several good things happened in 2015 which lead me for a better opportunity and a better me. Let's jump into the new resolution for 2016.

  • Healthy Lifestyle
You are what you eat. I think this quotes is pretty much true. Due to stress and long work hour, I used to have a very bad eating habit which makes me easily ill. Therefore I am interested to cook healthy food recently. Well especially because I need Pat to lose some weight. I think it would be nice if he used to eat healthy food which could lead him into a better eating habit. In fact it is not hard but I still need to learn a lot about this. Consider to do more workout too because I think I easily feel tired and my muscle are all stiff.

  • Focus and Prioritize
I am usually an organized person but when there are a lot of things coming on, I could lost my focus to do things. I really need to get rid of this annoying habit of mine. I need to do a better time management, stick on my own schedule and fulfill each task according to the list. I had arranged several things to be accomplished and let's see whether I will run on track or not.

  • Upgrade Camera
This is a special case because the reason why I haven't upgraded my camera gear because I am being so damn indecisive. Recently I am thinking about switching to mirrorless system before I upgraded my gear since it would gone to waste if I switch my camera in the future. I'm still doing my research before deciding to upgrade my gear. Mirrorless system is pretty expensive though compared to my current DSLR. Besides, it is not easy for me to adapt into a new system.

I think it pretty much sum up everything I want to do in this year. Looks kinda short but I am trying to focus on the basic things first before heading into another one.

I'll see you on my next post very soon. 

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