September 22, 2017

Looking Bold with Maybelline the Loaded Bolds

It's been a while since I get my hands on any Maybelline lippies product though I'd been a loyal customer of their other products, especially for their eyeliners. I personally think that Maybelline Indonesia is doing a great job lately by releasing bunch of new products. One of their latest are the 12 shades from the Loaded Bolds range. This is probably the most playful collection I'd ever seen from a drugstore brand since you could expect extreme and unusual color.

July 23, 2017

Easy and Simple Chicken Katsudon

Kalau ada yang tanya, apa sih jenis makanan favoritku, rasa-rasanya aku bakalan jawab makanan Jepang. Kenapa? Selain menyehatkan, makanan Jepang biasanya mudah dibuat dan nggak memerlukan banyak bumbu. Hehehe ini bukan berarti aku nggak suka makanan Indonesia loh ya. Salah satu makanan Jepang favoritku adalah chicken katsudon. Buat yang senang baca manga atau komik Jepang, pasti sudah nggak asing dengan makanan yang satu ini.

Chicken katsudon ini merupakan hidangan nasi dengan topping chicken katsu dengan siraman telur berbumbu. Simple but tasty. Apalagi kalau disajikan dengan miso soup dan teh hangat. Hmm, my kind of comfort food! Sayangnya beberapa tahun yang lalu, chicken katsudon belum populer dan jarang sekali ada restoran yang menyediakan menu ini. Harganya pun terbilang cukup mahal kalau beli di restoran apalagi dulu aku masih sekolah jadi uang jajan pun terbatas. Dari sinilah aku mulai belajar dan coba-coba untuk membuat chicken katsudon sendiri di rumah.

July 20, 2017

All Day Hydration for Sensitive Skin

I'd been dealing with acne and terrible breakouts for these past few months. I have no idea how it started since I was still on my usual skincare regime at the moment. I had a lot of acne suddenly and it was so bad that I decided to stop using all my skincare at once including moisturizer. I could only put on my acne treatment product but it tends to make my skin dry and considering I cannot use any moisturizer, it led me to dehydrated skin and even more terrible skin condition. I'd been desperately trying a lot of different skincare products to see if there's anything could help.

In the middle of struggle, I was introduced to Bioderma Hydrabio Series during their launching event last month. Bioderma is widely known as one of the most gentle skincare product even for sensitive skin. I'd been using my Bioderma Sensibio H2O every single morning to soothe my skin a little bit and thankfully it doesn't trigger more acne so that's explain why I'm looking forward to try on this Hydrabio series.

July 2, 2017

Effortless Hair Coloring

Aku sering banget ditanyain sama teman-teman dan kerabat dekat, biasanya kalau mewarnai rambut di mana? Mungkin karena aku kelihatan sering banget mewarnai rambut dan sudah hampir beberapa tahun ini nggak pernah berambut hitam lagi ya hehehe. Sejak pertama kali mewarnai rambut, aku memang jadi keranjingan banget mencoba berbagai jenis warna rambut, terutama warna-warna fashion yang terang.

June 12, 2017

Local Organic Skincare : Solusi Organic Renewage Review

Being someone with sensitive and acne prone skin, I need to be very cautious with my skincare selection. It's actually not about the brand or the price but finding the one that suitable for your skin. When I was introduced to Solusi, an organic skincare line,  I am pretty excited to find out. I had previously read about organic skincare as they are formulated with natural ingredients so I assume there would be less allergic reaction especially on sensitive skin.

I'm pretty sure that we had probably seen plenty of skincare products from Martha Tilaar, one of the biggest beauty company in Indonesia. Solusi Organic Renewage skincare line focused on anti aging properties. 
asically it shared the similar concept with organic products that you usually find in the market. Organic fruits and vegetables are grown without any chemicals and herbicides. The same thing goes for organic skincare as they are formulated with organic ingredients and less chemicals or synthetics. Solusi Organic are also certified as organic skincare by ECOCERT Greenlife according to ECOCERT standard. 

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