November 24, 2011

Free Products from Viva Cosmetic

Hello everyone! ^^ Yesterday my package from Viva Cosmetic has arrived. Yep! Viva is giving away free products. You just need to register as a member at Viva Cosmetic. And I'm so excited to see what's inside the package.

Here it is .. take a peek on the package.


The package itself contains :
-Viva Hand and Body Lotion
- Viva Moisturizer for Oily Skin
-Viva Eye and Lip Make Up Remover
-Viva Lipstick No. 51
-Viva Face Powder in Natural shade
-Due Eyeshadow in No. 2
-A booklet about Viva Cosmetic's product and how to apply basic make up

Inside the booklet.. I found many beauty tips for a newbie like me.. :3 it's easy to follow with clear explanation and picture. Here's some of them...

Thanks to Viva Cosmetic for giving me all of this ^^

I'll make a separate post to review all of them. :)

Thanks for reading! (>ω<*)


  1. Yep activate your account, well as I know everyone who has registered and activated their account will get's just a matter of time..LOL.. I wait for about 3 weeks when others only wait for 1 week, but there's some people who wait for almost 1 month.. you just need to be patient.. or simply you can ask to Viva Cosmetics Fan Page at Facebook for confirmation :)..

  2. I must active my account ya? thanks for your information sist :)
    It's for sure I can get it or will be chosen randomly? They're so kind lol

  3. .. yes it's free.. just make sure you write your address properly :) ur welcome ^^

  4. what's viva official website address? :)
    It's free?
    thanks for your folback :D

  5. just visit the viva official website and register yourself there ^^.. the offer last on December 31st, 2011.. you should register quickly dear.. :D will visit n follback u ^^

  6. how to be a member of VIVA Cosmetic? :)
    Please follback me
    I'm newbie blogger lol

  7. ^^ because Viva is a local brand from Indonesia and international shipping from here is kinda hard and complicated.

    thanks for reading and comment :)

  8. Too bad it's only around Indonesia, looks like a great deal!


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