November 3, 2011

Think Positive Even When Everything Around Aren't

Hello everyone.. how's your day? Hope you all have a great day.. ^^ Well today I'm just going to share something to welcome November. And I hope this post can be useful for all of you too.. :) let's begin.

Have you ever feel that everything around you aren't right? There's problem at school, at work, at home, and many more. Everyday just like hell and we're trapped with no way out... What should we do?? What can we do??  That's what I wanna talk about today...

My uni life lately is turning like hell really!! I had so many classes with unqualified lecturer that make me wanna cry every time they give me assignment. Heavy task in such a short time without any explanation. I was under pressure and think whether I'd made a wrong decision by entering this uni. My whole second year is really really sucks... I can't concentrate and it seems everything I'd done aren't being appreciate at all. Well I'm not exaggerate anything. It's true because I'm not the only one but also the whole classes. So I decided to concentrate on my part time job only. I even never take any subject seriously anymore. I have no more passion in it every time I had to wait for hours and the lecturers are never giving us something useful but only talk about nothing for the whole time. It makes me sick really. Moreover, I keep thinking about what will I do after I graduate if I get nothing everyday? How could I get a good job? Beside there's a big problem in my family that I guess will never have an end. I thought my world is totally ruin. I really can't help it.

Well as I ever said in my previous post, in this semester I met again with my previous lecturer and he's someone who had dedicated his life as a teacher. I could understand how did he try to encourage us every week and he does feel the way we feel. Then suddenly, after my mid exam , he said something like this few weeks ago.
Associate yourself with people of good quality, for it is better to be alone than in bad company.
I'm really touched by his words. I couldn't even say a single word when he said that in front of the class.I can't describe how terrible the situation in here, but it was such a really hard time at the moment... Many things happened and when I heard those words ... it seems remind me about that I'm not alone. For a while, I remember how did I spent the whole year with my job, doing so many project, and realized I'd improved a lot... I had so many people who keep cheer me up behind when I'm feeling down, I had so many people to talk with when I need advice, I had so many friends to laugh together with everyday.. I should be grateful for all of that.. I ever said that, the only thing I never regret since I was entering the uni is I could meet my wonderful friends!

When you're feeling down or your mind is going blank, make sure you'll cheer up soon...don't let the sadness or the pain drown you away. :) Because there's so many wonderful thing you can to.. more than just sit down in sadness. No matter how hard it is, let's try to be positive. I know it's really hard when we'd fallen deep down and should get up, start from the beginning again. But did you know there's no good thing comes from a negative thinking? And you should start from your own, because no one can do it except yourself.

And believe me or not. Since I was a little, I'd been inspired by so many great teachers so that I decided I wanna be a teacher when I'd grown up. Someone that I respect very much said that a good teacher aren't only transferring his knowledge but also the value of life. And I'm glad I am a teacher right now.:) I can't imagine that I could write this and share it to you guys if he never said that. Even a single word could change somebody's life. And I believe it could be reached by thinking positive...

Let's pass this year with lots of smile and joy :)

Have a nice day everyone and see you soon.. (>ω<*)

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