November 15, 2011

Sariayu Beauty Class

Hello everyone!! Back again with another interesting post ... I was attending Sariayu Beauty Class at Puspita Martha Beauty School. :) it was really fun!

At first, we were told about history and background of Sariayu Marta Tilaar. And Ms Azizah as our teacher at that day explain many things about daily skincare and make-up.

This is the basic step of the skincare

Cleanse your eye and lip make-up first. Followed by cleansing milk for the whole face. Put on some cleansing milk on some points such as cheeks, nose, forehead, and chin. Then do some circular motion from chin to forehead.After that wipe it out with facial tissues. Don't use cotton balls, because it could clog your pores especially if you have a big pores. Then put some toner on your cotton and wipe it gently all over your face.

Put on some moisturizer on some spot, and spread it out evenly.

And this is the basic step of the make-up

Put on your foundation with outwards motion and NOT with circular motion. Why? Because circular motion causing your foundation are not evenly spread.Especially after few hours, so keep it in outwards motion.

Find the powder that match your skintone and pat it lightly, do not rub!

Choose the color that you like or match with your clothes. ;D And try to put the darker color on your outer corner, and the lighter one in the inner corner. Blend it well. Don't forget to highlight your browbone. See the picture for details.

Simply smile and blush on your apple cheeks. :D

5. Lips
Pick up your favorite color on your lip and you're done!

It is said as a basic make-up for everyday, but it's a little bit too much for me. It might because  I'm still in the uni. And I didn't need to do much make-up like that...I always be in a rush every morning hahaha. But it might turn out really good for office or meeting.

And these are people who are in the same table with me..

After that, I was trapped in traffic for about 2 hours in the middle of Jakarta super hot weather.. and my car's air conditioner seems not working...and I was getting a sauna after a beauty class.. I remind you, do not EVER go anywhere in Jakarta especially in afternoon without an air conditioned car!! Or else just take motorcycle instead!! Really.. It makes me feel like err... Jakarta's traffic is getting really bad lately.. but unfortunately I often washed by rain when I take a motorcycle.. Maybe I should own a plane.. lol

What do you think about this event? (>ω<*)


  1. yepp hehe semoga sering-sering ada acara seperti ini :D

  2. kayaknya fun yah ^^

  3. hehehe iya.. ^^ yang ngajar juga baik banget

  4. wah kayanya seruuu bgt :)
    puspita martha emg ga pelit ilmu dehhh!!!


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