November 11, 2011

A Day at SeaWorld Indonesia

Hi readers.. :) How do you do? It's been a while since my last post.. I've been super busy lately with uni again!! T ^ T Have no time for blogging lately. But fortunately there's a little time between our busy schedule, so my BF said,"Let's go to SeaWorld!" SeaWorld is a big aquarium where you can see lot kinds of fishes and many more. I love that place. The last time I visit it is around ten years ago... So I'm really excited to go there..Beside I'm having a video assignment, I decided to take a video when animals are being fed.

Then here it us going to Seaworld..

It's much more smaller than I thought. Maybe it's because I was too young back then so that place looks bigger for me haha.. but I enjoyed many things more than when I visited it in past.

(sorry for some blurry pic, because most of them move very fast and the aquarium glass is really thick, so sometimes my cam couldn't focus easily.)

There's also a small fish museum in there.Here's some picture of fish fossils...

And this is my favorite one.. Dugong!! I love them a lot! I decided to take a video when they're eating and they're really cute!!!.. *video will be uploaded soon, still raw in my cam lol*

I love Dugong so much!!! My BF even say so. I say goodbye to them when I'm about to go home. And I'm really happy that they swam toward the glasses just like they know I wanna say good bye.. I'm really really happy!!! (Dugong are rarely dive downwards except when they're eating, and it's kinda hard to find a perfect moment to see their faces)

Here's some picture when I was in there :D camwhoring time lol.. and some snapshot too ;P

Super awkward face!

Dunno what pose did he made.. lol


Unfortunately my cam was ran out of battery and memory because I took a lot of photos and I couldn't take more picture. And there's so many kind of fish that I captured in my video... so I'm going to edit the video first before I publish it in here :)

At last we arrived at the souvenir shop, I hardly choose a plush. My BF said he would buy me one. I'm stuck with pair of dugong and a stingray (ikan pari). Suddenly he said I could pick a big one. I'm really happy that he bought me a cute seal plushiee! But I named it Dugong!! Because my BF said that it looks like Dugong, well what does he mean is  big and fatty... Hahahahah I'm the happiest girl at that day!!*forgot to capture my Dugong too .. will show you guys on my next post *

That's all for now.. :) What do you think about the fishes?? Aren't they cute?? I wanna go there again one day.. (>ω<*)


  1. I'm going to seaworld with my orchestra in spring~ I hope I'll get to see a lot of cute sea animals then

  2. kapan-kapan main kesini say, ak ajak keliling2 deh heheheh..sip sip ntar main k blogmu :)

  3. waww.. it must be interesting.. xD waiting for your post then :)

  4. reading this post makes me want to go to SeaWorld again :D

  5. wah...seru2.....:D
    di jogja gak ada seaworld beginiiiii,
    jd bisa-nya cuma mupeng aja nih chino...^^
    maen2 k blog ku yaa..hehe


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