March 23, 2012

Daiso Charcoal Foaming Wash and Cleansing Pad Combination!

Back now! I got a little free time after finishing those assignments and have some time for myself. Then I spent my time organizing all my data in my external HDD. @_@ Okay, old photos, design copies, and many more to be organized!! And I looked at my blog folder. It's such a mess and I decide to rearrange them all, especially found several folder containing things that I wanna review but I just forgot because they're hidden deep down nowhere.

If you had read my previous post in January, I bought several Daiso stuffs. Why? I heard so many good reviews on them and they are madly CHEAP! So why don't just give it a try. Since I'm having trouble with my previous facial wash, I decide to find a better one. My skin can be really sensitive for a moment. So I'd made up my mind and choose Daiso Charcoal Foaming Wash. Paired up with the famous Daiso Cleansing Pad, it is said they're a good combination!

Are they are a REAL good combination or not? Let's find out! :D

I tried the Daiso Cleansing Pad first. I think it will be a little bit too rough for my skin. Note that my skin was really sensitive at the moment. But, I WAS TOTALLY WRONG! It's super soft! I even love to touch the pad with my finger since it's super soft and smooth and it won't hurt or even scratch your skin. Well, as long as you didn't overpowering it LOL. I have to admit, I'm kinda love the moment I'm scrubbing my face every morning with this pad. Super soft and much more refreshed :) I can really tell after using this for about 2 months already, my skin is not as dull as before. I also love the soft massage sensation. 

 They even have a small tester for us on upper corner. :D

The super soft pad that I love <3

Although this pad is gentle enough but I don't recommend you to use it while you're having acne, especially the big and red one! No need to mention the reason, right?

It's available in three color which is pink, blue, and white. 

After that, I try to use it with the Daiso Charcoal Foaming Wash. I think this foaming wash has a different foam texture compared to other I ever used. It creates light bubble that easily disappear after you applied it on your face. :D not heavy at all and I like it! I massage it a little with the cleansing pad. It is fragranced a bit, but I still can bear with it.


I started to love my morning routine even more than before. :) And I feel that my skin condition has been improved a lot. Totally love this.

Madly cheap!
The cleansing pad is super soft
The foam wash didn't break me out

Availability : HARD

Rating 4.7/5

Nice product! Totally love them! I wish Daiso could bring them to Indonesia!


  1. Nice reviews...The cleansing pad seems pretty interesting..I ought to try this out too!! Thanks for sharing..^_^~

  2. Yes it's a really nice tools :) glad this post helps

  3. Ooh i always want to try the Daiso charcoal range, and the cleansing pad looks really cute too, love the pink color on it ;)


  4. :) then you should go try it then.. yes the pink color is really cute .. love them!

  5. Aku juga sekarang lagi jatuh cintrong ama silicone cleansing pad, kemaren pas di miss ekha buka cp benernya mau ikut, tapi lupa tanggal closing nya kelamaan semedi. Terus yg dari sasatinnie kaya yg dipake bubbi oos mulu, eh taunya nemu dari sophie martin. Kalo mau repurchase coba yg dr shopie aja gabz, murce cuma 20ribu. Bentuknya sama persis kaya yg dipake si bubbi.

  6. sophie martin beli di mana yaa?? T , T aku taunya dulu beli dari temen yang jualan... mauuu cobainn jugaa

  7. iya tanya2 ke temen aja yang ikutan sophie, murce neik 20rebu sajah. Daripada po kelamaan plus kudu ng-ongkir juga. Hehehe..

  8. nih gab, penampakannya ada di blog ku ->
    bentuknya mirip kaya yg dipake si bubbi :)

  9. Daiso is seriously awesome! But u kinda end up with loads of cute things u don't really need. Week that happens to me anyway. Hope they come to Indonesia soon.

  10. Say,, mau donk cp yg jual ini sama queen helena mint masque,, please email me if u dont mind,, thank u say,,


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