March 27, 2012

Meet My Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter!

Here I come with Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter review. :D This product is quite fenomenal at the moment because everybody is talking about it. So when I attended Revlon Lip Butter Launching Event, I was given two lip butter. :) Let's check them out!

The packaging itself is colorful. Most of Revlon packaging that I know comes in black packaging. You can differentiate each product by the cap color. It has a sweet scent of cake dough. I think it would be much more interesting if they have different scent based on the shade's name. Don't you think the same?

They come in 20 different shade which is : 
Berry Smoothie
Brown Sugar
Candy Apple
Cherry Tart
Cotton Candy
Creme Brulee
Fig Jam
Peach Parfait
Pink Truffle
Raspberry Pie
Red Velvet
Strawberry Shortcake
Sugar Frosting
Sugar Plum
Sweet Tart
Tutti Frutti

So many shade you can choose from. I believe that you might having a hard time to decide which one is the best :P (and so do I).

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter has the benefit of shea butter, mango butter, and coconut butter to moisture your lips. Most of lipstick that I use is really drying and my lips are already dry enough to create such a cracked lips. But it is really moisturizing with such a really nice color. I love these lip butters because they create such a color that depends on your original lip color. And most of them are sheer, so you can build the color by yourself. :D perfect for daily use and also for your special occasion.

It's Cupcake and Creme Brulee. :) Both of them are lovely.

Creme Brulee - Cupcake
 In fact, when you wanna swatch this product, it is highly recommended to try it on your lips and NOT on your palm. Because each color creates different shade depends on your original lip color. :)

Cupcake was a soft pink color. It is soft and nice pink color. :) With simple make up, in turn out into sweet natural look.

Creme Brulee is a nude color. I could wear it for daily without any make up on. It also has a subtle shimmer. I love using this for daily.

The only downside is I hope they could last longer. Because it could last only for 2-3 hours and I need to reapply it again. Make sure you didn't leave them at home when you're wearing them :)

You can get this at the nearest Revlon's Counter for Rp 75.000,00. It's a little bit price but I'm sure you gonna love it ^^. I'm personally love how it turn out and planning to buy another shade for my mom.

Wide color range
Sweet scent
All in one product

Quite pricey
Didn't last long

Rating 4.5/5

Not forget to mention that Revlon is also having a Corporate Social Responsibility Program named Kiss for Life. For every purchasing of  Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick, Revlon Big Brush Mascara, and Revlon New Complexion 2 Way Foundation, Rp  1.500,00 will be donated. :) Let's spread the beauty ladies!  

What about you?


  1. creme brulee looks like a mature tone, I need to go back and get more colors!

  2. Probably because it's nude color. But I love using it for daily basis :) yeah we should grab more xD

  3. nice review ^o^
    aku jg barusan bikin reviewnya revlon lip butter nih :3
    main2 ke blog ku yahh ^^
    review revlon lip butter

  4. Tatan bustanil aripinMarch 28, 2012 at 10:30 AM

    siip deh. mamrip balik ya!

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