March 17, 2012

My First Experience with Acuvue Advance Plus!

About few weeks ago, I was going out with my boyfie to Mal Kelapa Gading when I realize there's an Acuvue booth there. They're having a special promotion at the moment, a free trial on a pair of Acuvue Advance Plus, their newest product. :D I never wear any transparent lens before, even my first lens is a colored one. I was thinking to buy transparent lenses for daily use but still cannot decide which one is better. So, I'm really excited to try on them!!
Acuvue Advance Plus

Hydraclear is a special material developed for extra moisture and comfort when being used. To make sure you can use the contact lens without worry of feel frying or uncomfortable with its unique soft texture. The life time of this product is two weeks after being opened.

They did an eye test for me to decide my lens power. Well I'm relieved that my minus didn't increase.:) Still in -2.50 for both eyes, and -0.25 cylinder on my right eye. So I usually use lens with power -2.25. The staff suggest me to try on lenses with power -2.50.

First try on these lenses at Acuvue booth, I fail !! My boyfie laughed at me about how long I'd been wearing contact lenses and still cannot put them in smoothly. I'm not lying but this lenses is kinda harder to stick in than the usual lenses I ever tried on. I even challenged him if he think he could do better than me :P But the staff who help me explain that these lenses is created from special materials and a little bit harder to stick in than usual lenses. But there's no need to worry! I could stick them easily in my second try LOL and also for the other days. Just a matter of practice.

This is how do the lens look. A clear transparent lens with a hint of blueish tone.

When the lens is facing the right side, it will shape into a perfect bowl shape. There's also a 123 mark which is hardly can be seen to prevent wearing it in a wrong side.


And this is how do the lens look when it is facing the wrong side.

I bet you surely can tell the difference now. And here's how do they look after I put them on. Barely seen! Seems like I didn't wear any lens.

My first impression  about this lens is EXCELLENT! I never think that wearing lenses could be this comfortable. There's kinda dizzy feeling at the moment and I think it's because the difference of the lens power. I think I will just stick with power -2.25.

The other downside for this product for me is because it's not only hard to put it in at first, but also hard to pull them out! Even after putting in some eyedrops, it's still hard to pull them out smoothly. And this one is really kinda tricky. But I don't know whether it's only me or not.

Beside that, there's no complain at all! I'm super satisfied with this product.

It costs around $20 for a box of Acuvue Advance Plus containing three pair of lenses.A little bit too pricey for student like me. But when I have an extra money, I wouldn't be hesitate to buy this lenses! It's kinda fair to pay a higher price for a high quality product. And your eye is precious! Remembering I have a bad experience with contact lenses, I think it would be fine to invest on something safety although it's much more expensive.

Super comfortable
Not easily dry

What I DON'T really LOVE
Hard to take them out!

Rating 4.5 / 5

I just need it to be easier to pull out. I'm kinda freaking panic if I can't pull them out smoothly and I'm sleepy already. Hahaha.. have you tried this? Highly recommended for a contact lens user like me! :)


  1. hahaha...sayang ya cuma buat daily...kalo bnrn kamu nyerah trus ketiduran kr2 gmn tuh...@_@
    aku jg dgr2 neh lens enak bgt...(*v*)
    pengen coba tapi mahaaaal klo diitung2~~ T_T

  2. expensive indeed tapi comfortnya gak bisa diungkapkan >w< eh acuvue bisa samain silinder ama minus ga ya T_T

  3. Hehehe mahal tapi worthed sekali, dipake dari pagi sampe malem tuh bener-bener ga merah mata @_@.. aku pernah pake tidur pas pergi jalan2 gara-gara ngantuk, jadi kering gitu di mata terus buru-buru dikasi obat tetes langsung enak lagi :)

  4. Yeap! Can't decscribe how comfort it is! Wah kurang tau kalo yang buat silinder am minus >,<.. coba aja tanya ke optik atau ke website nya hehe :)

  5. BarbieGothic elizabethMarch 20, 2012 at 5:39 PM

    hallo sista.. let's following each other :D
    follow me back ya.. already follow you :)

  6. pengen coba >.< secara mataku suka sensitif kalo pake contact lens.

  7. cobain ajaaa ^^ mataku juga sensitif kalo pake lens sembarangan >,< pake ini tiap hari ternyata masih aman2 aja hehehe.. cuma bener2 harus nurutin waktu pakai yang direkomendasikan :)

  8. Acuvue nyaman-nya emang belom ada yang nandingin, aku pernah dikasih sama kaka sepupuku waktu beli buy 2 get 1 free (ato buy 1 get 1 free yah, lupa >.<), edas emang rasanya mantep surantep kaya engga pake apa2. Tapi ya itu mahal nya ngujubilah, kaka sepupu ku aja nyeyok kalo lagi ada promo doang.

  9. betulll pengen nyetok juga aku kalo ada promo hehehe.. :D

  10. Kalo mau dilepas, justru jangan ditetesin banyak2 tetes matanya.. Krn cairan malah akan bikin CL-nya makin nempel ke mata (prinsip kohesi)..

  11. Hey there. You are not alone in this. I have difficulty taking them out too!

  12. Yes, I try it too. and it is hard to take it out! First because I don't know where should I put my finger to take it out as it is transparent! Second, it just stick in my eyes! Like there is a glue in it!

  13. Yeah... other lenses are pretty easy to be pinched while these one are still sticking on our eyes LOL


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