August 27, 2012

Little Birthday Story

It's been a long time! How are your girls? Did you miss me or not?? A little bit late but Happy Eid Mubarak for those who celebrate. ^o^ Come with a little update about my birthday ;)

I'm busy at the moment with  my internship and college again. So I barely have time to blog because I arrived at home with a super tired body and mind, I also spent my time on Saturday to teach, so I'm kinda only have Sunday to breathe. So, when the holidays come, I'm  off to sleep and playing games for  straight 3 days! LOL how unproductive and lazy I am. I did anything that I couldn't do in usual days such as cooking, and so on. :D Feels like recharged already!!I didn't spent my holiday with Pat because he's off to Puncak with his family for around a week. But he's going back right on my birthday <3

A unique tradition in my family... I should eat this noodle on my birthday.
It is called misoa. Actually it looks like noodle and ricenoodle. Well it is served with 2 boiled egg, meatballs, crabstick, and so on. All items has to be in even number. Even number are believed to bring luck in Chinese tradition.

Years ago, I always ate the misoa with sweet soup and red colored boiled egg which is not tasty at all. @_@ Thankfully, my mother had done some adjusment into it LOL.
Then since I'm kinda bored and had nothing to do, I insist my mom to let me cook something that I wanna eat. I cook opor, cook pasta, and also make a pie as my birthday cake LOL. I'd been chirping out in my twitter about fruit pie, and so on. I feel like a pig sometimes because everyday I only think about what I wanna eat today and try to cook it... It doesn't turn out as a professionals of course... but not bad for first timer...

It might looks messy but it tasted super delicious!!! Viva chocolate!!

Moreover, the first handmade birthday cake by myself! x3 And honestly, I failed baking the crust at the first place because the middle part is crack and I decided to remade it one more time. Voilaaaa turn out superb. And nobody could mess with chocolate! LOL

Super satisfy with the results!!
Happy me with my pie!

Family photo. LOL My dad was blowing the candle already... xD

Pat is coming home on Friday,and since there's a dinner at my home, we decided to go to Blitzmegaplex and try the Dining Cinema. The seat is pretty comfy while the food is just so-so in my opinion. But still I really enjoyed it :D .

The next day Pat is asking me out to visit one of our favorite steak resto near my house, Friendsteak. And this is My FOTD ... will make a tutorial about this super simple look. x3

 The spaghetti is cheap and delicious! :D We often visit it for their spaghetti.

 Pat order Japanese food for the first time... and it turn out really bad -.-a It's chicken BBQ and Salmon Teriyaki which should be delicious but tasted weird as for me. I miss my Chicken Cordon Bleu.T ^ T I always order it when I visit Friendsteak.
Salmon Teriyaki
Chicken BBQ
And just like a kid, presents is always an interesting part xD. Since I'm 21 already, I don't expect any gift in this year. But ... Pat drowned me in such a massive gift!!!

Moreover they're all red and Pucca! Pucca Pucca and Pucca TT_TT I can't say anything about it. I'm super speechless. Those are things that I've been wanted for months... aaaaa!! I was seriously jumping around when I saw this big package XD. No flowers or any romantic gift at all but I'm happy to the max LOL! *rewarding him with hugs and kisses*

In this year, I hope that I could do everything better than the last year and get ready on my journey on age 21. :O not young anymore though hahaha. I'll be back with uni and work again, so see you soon :) Thanks for the best wishes ^_________^ I'm really happy to read them.


  1. happy belated birthday gab ^^
    you're both so romantic :D hehe
    btw apa itu cinta violet dan cinta 100 won? XD *penasaran*

  2. Happy belated bday, wish you all the best!
    Ngiler ngeliat pie-nya ^0^

  3. Thx nacchuu ^.^ Iya nih pengen bikin lagi deh hehehe

  4. Thanks vee ^^... buku bergambar Pucca gitu...xD isinya cerita-cerita pengalaman org hehehe... tp demennya gara-gara gambar Pucca banyak hehehehe

  5. aaaaa saengil chukhae gab :D misuanya kliatan enak :3 bs eneg aku klo makan dua telur ky gt.. bagi donk kue bikinan km itu :3
    kapan ya kita ketemuan lagiii? hahaha.. kangenn *plak :p

  6. saengil chuka hamnida ^_^ tertarik sama bukunya ^_^ cinta 100 won sama cinta violet heheee, isinya cerpen2 gitukah? siapa pengarangnya? *kepo hehehee

  7. heheh makasi... :3 iya enak kok... ah itu aku bagi2 sama mama aku kok xP ga kuat juga makan telor banyak-banyak >_<

  8. makasih ^^ iya kaya kisah-kisah gitu... karangannya yi sobee.. :)

  9. wah udah lama nggak mampir ke blogmu sekarang jadi makin cantik banget blognya XD Misuanya kayaknya enak banget^^

  10. I want the food :(
    you make me hungry haha..
    happy belated bday btw :)


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