August 28, 2013

Review Shu Uemura PORERASER UV Under Base Mousse

Everyday is summer in Jakarta. You can burn yourself if you're doing activities under sun exposure without any protection. So you'd probably understood why using sunscreen is really important then. But sometimes, putting layers of skincare could take so much time. Shu Uemura invented this beautiful item which combined both sunscreen and primers.  
Shu Uemura PORERASER UV Under Base Mousse with SPF 35 PA++.

The bottle was made of metals with a plastic pump. Kinda remind me with face spray. So you don't have to worry if you drop it accidentaly because it won't leak except you smash it on to the floor xD. They come in two different undertones which is Pink and Beige. Mine is Beige since I have yellow undertone.

As you can guess from its name, it comes in mousse formula which is really really light and easy to spread. You only need a little amount of product for every single use. As for me, I only use around 1/2 pump as one pump gives out too much product and it will be a waste. Just press the pump lightly. You can use your finger or facial sponge to apply it.

 It will melt after 20-30 seconds into runny consistency and can be blended easily on your skin. 

Most of sunscreen is quite greasy and I hate it very much. Especially if I have to wear makeup afterward. :( It feels like wearing a thick mask whole day. But you still have to wear sunscreen to protect your skin, whether you like it or not .

It dries in a semi-matte finish and might look a little bit pale in the beginning, but it will to set and blend with your skintone nicely. Make sure to give it enough time before you put your makeup on.

Here's a step by step how to apply the UV Under Base
Compared to their previous UV Under Base Mousse, this PORERASER series could cover your pores more and make your skin smooth like baby's skin. Sunscreen and face primer in a go. :D Now let's see how good it could cover my pores.
Can you notice how my pores are covered and looks smooth in an instant?

I like its texture so much and how did it brighten up my complexion. It also saves so much time because you can put your sunscreen and primer together. After putting the PORERASER, you can apply your make-up directly. I usually only put a layer of BB cream for my everyday makeup and it even feels really nice in hot weather. It doesn't feel sticky or uncomfortable whatsoever. Not forget to mention that it has a high SPF too which is enough for daily use and I love it so much <3

The only thing that might bother is it contains silicone. It is not really surprising for me. But for those who have an allergy with silicone should be careful. And remember to cleanse you face if you're using any sunscreen or makeup! Because you don't wanna grow acnes on your face, okay?

- Light texture
-Smooth finish 
- Not sticky

- Expensive

Although it's quite expensive (cost around $50), I think it's really worthy since I have a sensitive skin and most of sunscreen break me out so bad. Moreover, they also got different types of UV Under Base that you can choose based on your needs. :) As for me, it will never hurts to invest on a good skincare products. 

You can find out more about this UV Under Base here.

Don't forget to put on your sunscreen today, girls :)


  1. aku curently juga pake ini, ringan dipakenya bikin makeup tahan lama juga :)

  2. iya memang bagus ^_^ ringan banget di kulit heheh

  3. wow, I've never tried a mousse makeup based and this look really light and nice~ thanks for sharing =)

  4. Great review. I've been using this for months now and I'm loving it :)

  5. Great review really want to try this!

  6. Gak bikin break out ga secara ada silicone nya??

  7. nggak kok asal bersihinnya double cleansing pakai cleansing oil dan facial foam :)


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