August 23, 2013

Review Fresh Light in Lemon Blond

Hello everyone. I was in the mood of changing my hair color lately. I bought this hair dye months ago when it was on special promotion so I got it for a cheaper price. But I have to wait until I finish my thesis and graduation preparation is done before I dye my hair. Just in case if the coloring process is fail and make my hair color very 'unusual'.

I picked up Fresh Light Hair Bubble in Lemon Blond. I chose the lightest color because I lighten my hair color without bleaching. These are the available color in Indonesia. Actually, there are plenty of beautiful color that aren't available here.

Source: FemaleMag
The white box is the foam/bubble type and the yellow box is the cream type. So make sure you don't pick the wrong product. The price vary around Rp 110.000,00, and when it was on sale, it's only around Rp 60.000,00 - Rp 80.000,00. You can easily find them at stores like Guardian and Watsons. Most of promotion that I saw was at Watsons. So you can check it out there.

Reason why I chose bubble hair dye is because I know I was super careless and I will not make it even if I use any cream hair dye. Moreover, I was too lazy to go to salon. 

One box contains these items

Here it comes the interesting part...
There is a hidden hole on the box. o.o Just kidding la, actually they designed the box that way so you can mix the liquid without any mess.

See? Perfectly in.

Then you can start pour the liquid in the black bottle (Hair Color 1) into the white bottle (Developer 2).

After that you can close the bottle with the provided pump.

 Gently shake the bottle in sidewards motion like this

and..Voila! You'd created this nice foam already
Don't forget to use the gloves to protect your hand, unused towels to protect your body from any spilled products, and if you're afraid it will staining your face you can put a little bit of baby oil or moisturizer on the hairline. I was too lazy to dig out any of those items and just use my lipbalm instead LOL. 

It's really easy. Everything foam related kinda make me happy LOL. You can easily spread it all over your hair just like when you're shampoo-ing your hair. You might want to divide you hair into several section if you have super thick hair. And one bottle is more than enough for me! Just make sure that you apply enough hair dye to make sure the color is evenly spread. 

It is said to let it set for 40 minutes, but I left it for 1.5 hours. Because I was kinda not sure and I don't see any difference in the first 40 minutes. After that you can start washing your hair and don't forget to apply the conditioner unless you want to make your hair looks like a broom. 

Now let's see how good it is on my hair...

This is my hair before. 
Super long and ugly roots. Like I haven't dyed it in years! I'm actually still love the reddish tone from the last coloring. Even after months, the color still looks good for me. 

And this is after 
I could tell that the red tone had become more yellowish. I cannot blame the hair dye though the color is not as intense as the previous color.I think it's normal because I achieve the previous color through professionals.But you can see my roots are enlighten a little bit in the right photo. So don't be afraid to pick the lightest color if your hair color is still dark. It would be good to color the whole hair but I don't think it's good enough to touch up your roots, especially if your hair color is quite light already. 

The only downside of this product is the super strong ammonia scent that could make me faint at the moment. Sometimes it's smells really strong and then it disappear. I was doing the whole process outside because I don't think I could handle it if I do it inside my room. 

- Quite affordable
- Easy to use
- Wide color range selection

-Strong ammonia scent

I still have two boxes of Fresh Light (cream type) and I will dye my hair soon with them because I'm not really satisfied with this color. ;) Hopefully it will turn out better than this.

So have you tried this bubble hair dye?


  1. warna di rootsnya ga kluar >___< Susah keluar sih ya klo warna terang nimpa wrn hitam gab..

  2. sebenernya lumayan coklat, tapi karena yang bawahnya lebih terang jadi kebanting sama yang lebih terang LOL..kalo di indoor mendingan, kalo outdoor sih parah T_T

  3. Raimar ღ Guevara ღAugust 26, 2013 at 3:37 AM

    Oh looks like a nice product, nice color result sweetie, many thanks for your review!


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