August 21, 2013

Review SkinLife Foaming Facial Wash and Face Lotion

Few weeks ago, Cow Brand sent me these items to be reviewed. I was curious to find out because most of Japanese Skincare that I know are miraculous LOL <3

Cow Brand is a long seller brand originated from Japan for over 100 years. Cow Style signifies daily life with peace of mind throug Cow Brand products with the catch phrase "Life with Cow Brand Soap", and provides a lifestyle based on Japan quality (ease, safety, good quality) and Japan taste (material, scent, texture)

And what I got here is their SkinLife series which is aimed for people with acne problems. Acne? Yes, it's the most common and also the most annoying problem for ladies on the earth (or at least for me).

SkinLife Foaming Facial Wash and Face Lotion

They comes in red color! My fave color on the earth! *_*

Enough with the random talk then haha. So let's go through the review, shall we?

Actually this is my first time using a foam-type cleansers. Foam-type cleansers is usually more gentle especially on sensitive skin or troubled skin (skin with acne in example). I don't know why but I tend to think that foam-type cleansers aren't clean enough or not really good without any exact reason. So this is a chance to prove whether I'm wrong or not.

It comes in huge 200 ml bottle with a pump and a stopper to prevent the pump being pressed accidentally. So it's safe to go with. I bring it along in my holiday and it doesn't spill any single drops in my bag. You just need an extra space in your luggage since it's quite bulky.

Price : Around Rp 58.000,00
Made in Japan

They also provide the refill pack so in case of you're ran out of it, you only need to buy the refill pack and put the products inside the previous bottle... and it's ready to use again. :) The refill pack is also cheaper and only cost you around Rp 38.000,00.

This is how much foam that you get with one pump. 

I usually use 2 pumps to cover my whole face and cleanse it. The foam will be reduced after you spread and massage it. It's really really gentle and also has a hint of sweet fragrance that soothes you. And I found out that it feels really fun to play with the foam while you're washing your face.  Moreover,you don't have to foam your facial wash anymore because it comes out as foam already. :D


 It lefts a really nice fresh and clean feeling on my face after usage. Just like how it goes with other cleansers that I ever used. So it is not true to have such ridiculous thoughts that 'foam cleanser are not good enough' like me. It's quite moisturizing, but I feel a little tight feeling on my cheeks after I pat my face dry. I have a combination skin-type, so I think it would work better on people with normal, oily, and combination skin.

The next product is the Face Lotion.

As I know , in Japanese Skincare lotion aren't one of  moisturizer that we used to know in Indonesia. Lotion in Japanese Skincare is more into preparing your skin to absorbs the other products that will be applied after the lotion. It is usually comes in order like this :

 Cleansers - Lotion - Serum - Moisturizer - Sunscreen/ Makeup Base

I know it's kinda confusing and you can read more about it here

Price : Around Rp 50.000,00
It contains 150 ml.

Unlike another lotion from Japanese Skincare that I'd ever tried, I was quite surprised to find out that this lotion is quite similar with toner. I usually pat lotion on my face by hands. But I prefer to use this lotion with cotton and I could spot the strong alcohol inside the products immediately. It feels refreshing and clean but I definitely need to put on my moisturizer after using this lotion because it slightly drying after usage. It's probably because of the alcohol.

After using them for more than two weeks, it doesn't break me out at all which is a really good point as a start. My skin is still sensitive and could reacts badly if I don't take care of it properly. SkinLife products also help to treat the rest of acne that I got and don't irritate them at all. I could really tell because my skin is getting better, less acne, and slightly a brighter complexion. 

 Please noted that they don't instantly cure your acne but gradually take care of your troubled skin or acne. You might still need something else to get rid of your acne (like acne curing gel or something similar) but it is also important to keep your face clean with basic skincare like this. You'd probably know that one of the common cause for acne is because you didn't cleanse your face carefully :) 

I think it's worth to try since the price is quite affordable and they come in quite a huge size. I guess it could last me for about 2-3 months or maybe more. I would love to recommend this if you have a problem with acne or when your skin is getting sensitive (like mine).

And by the way, if you're still confused about how to apply them well, you can take a look at this picture

Easy as one, two, three, and four, right?

If you're interested, you can find SkinLife products at the nearest store such as Guardian, GrandLucky, Papaya, and Yogya. Cow Brand also had a wide variety of products and you can browse the other products through their site here.

Take care everyone! Don't forget to take care of your face today ;)


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  3. Nice review sis ^^

    A little info you can get Skinlife & other Japanese beauty products at

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