August 24, 2013

Most Hilarious Present on My 22nd Birthday

I can't help not to post this now. 

So here we go. Few days ago Pat asked me about what should he buy for my birthday present. He asked that question EVERY SINGLE YEAR and also received the same answer from me EVERY TIME he asked. Here's the conversation that we had

Pat (P) : I don't have any money left to buy you something 
Me (G) : You don't always have to buy something, you can create something. Like I did on your last birthday (read here). It cost me less than $5 but you love it, right? I don't need expensive things all the time la. (how sweet I am LOL but it's true)
P : Ok..

And he really DID what I suggest to him. One thing that you should remember. Never give that advice to someone who doesn't have a high romance level or maybe don't love to make surprises. Because you can be totally surprised in many ways.

He suddenly showed this LOVE box when he asked me out for dinner yesterday. He said,"You can open it now." It is against my law to open my present before the time comes. He decided to wait until 12 and make me so damn curious by always putting that LOVE box in front of my eyes. I do really mean it.

The LOVE box. 

G : I was kinda touched that you prepare something for me.
P : Of course la. I prepared it since three days ago.

I found out the LOVE letter is kinda intimidating me to open it earlier or is it just me hahaha. I was curious and then shake the box to guess what's inside the box and the box is really light. Almost like it's empty but I can spot there's paper in there. Then I asked him again

G  : Paper huh? Did you order something and it hasn't arrived yet so you just give me the receipt?
P   : No.
G  : So what? Any hint?
P   : It is something that you really really love. It is in black and red color. I bet that you love it so much.
G  : What makes you so sure, eh? Every time you said that, I never impressed when I open it. 
P   : I'm sure I'll make it this time. Even my father said that you will be impressed.
G  : What? Did your father know about this?
P   : Yes and he agreed with this. He even helped me to wrap this. (wtf what kind of son are you)
G  : It must be something really good or rather stupid.*busy thinking*

Finally it's 12 already.. yeahhh happy birthday to me and I'm 22. Without further ado, I opened it and this is what I found.

G : I told you before. I am not impressed.
P : Just open it.

This is also another the reason WHY you shouldn't let people who aren't working in creative fields do creative works.

Imagine... the same crafted things. From this 

to this..

I feel like I pressed the stop button for a while and I CANNOT STOP LAUGHING for the rest 20 minutes. It can't be described LOL.

This picture.. LOL 

: Hey, why did you draw that black spots on her cheeks?
P : Don't know, I google it and trace it exactly.

In case of you don't know how does Pucca look like, here's a proper image from Disney Wiki

Source : Disney Wiki

P : You told me to make handmade gifts. So I made this.
G : Yeah I told you to and I'm kinda regret now.
P : It's totally handmade. Or maybe office made because I grab everything around from the office. My father laughed when he knew that I was preparing this for you. He told me that even he wouldn't try this idea to my Mum.
G : Then you are brave enough to give this to me -.- By the way, I guess the most expensive part is probably  the wrappers.
P : No lah. The money of course. I took it from the ATM three days ago (this is what he means with I'd prepared it three days ago)
G : You know what? The best thing that I'd done today is I don't have high expectation for my birthday gifts. But it's beyond my expectation LOL
P : You love surprises, don't you? I gave you one. And it has all the things that you love. The red money, the black writings, and Pucca.
G : ... 

You can imagine how do I feel now. It's HILARIOUS. 

Hahahaha but I enjoyed it anyway. Both of us are probably not into lovey-dovey mode LOL. Will update more if there's anything interesting happened again or maybe several things that I would love to achieve in my 22's. 


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