September 16, 2013

Dr. Jart+ Indonesia Launching Event

Few weeks ago, I was invited to Dr. Jart+ Launching event. I'd heard about this brand before but never know more about it. So I'm really excited to find out about this brand itself. They were opening their first branch in Indonesia which took place at Taman Anggrek Mall. And they were also introducing their latest range, V7, a multivitamin for brightening. 

Dr. Jart+ is a dermatologist brand from Korea. As a dermatologist brand, they pay more attention to their products ingredients by creating natural product without any fragrance, alcohol and artificial color. They want to make sure that their product could be a safety solution even for people with sensitive skin. From their presentation, I could see they did a lot of research to make sure they packed the goods inside every products. 

As you can see from their packaging, it looks clean and medicated. Based on beauty meets art philoshophy, Dr Jart+ tried to build a different skincare concept. The brand name itself comes from the creator's initial J and art, therefore it become Dr. Jart brand. 

The V7 Series consists of five items which is
1. V7 Turnover Booster (Toner)     : Rp 508.000,-
2. V7 Renewal Serum                     : Rp 638.000,-
3. V7 Relief Vita Drop (Emulsion) : Rp 458.000,-
4. V7 Vitacream (Spot treatment)    : Rp 578.000,-
5. V7 Beauty Balm (Make Up)       : Rp 488.000,-

There was also a demo about how to apply the products properly.

The results after using Dr. Jart+

Dr. Jart+ team

They were kind enough to give bloggers some full-sized products so we can experienced their products for real. I will make a review about some of them after I finished tried them all. :D

They also had several different range of skincare and BB Cream depends on your skin type. And here are the price list below.

Moist Moist

* Most Moist Water Act Skin Mist              : Rp 328.000,-
* Most Moist Water Up Serum                    : Rp 548.000,-
* Most Moist Water Sure Gel Cream           : Rp 458.000,-
* Most Moist Water Max Sleeping Mask     : Rp 458.000,-
* Most Moist Waterfull Hydrogel Mask      : Rp 488.000,-
* Most Moist Water Fuse Blemish Base      : Rp 458.000,-

Ctrl - A

* Drying Spot Corrector   : Rp 378.000,-
* Sensitive Sun Protector  : Rp 378.000,-
* Spot Out                        : Rp 378.000,-
* Soothing Moisturizer     : Rp 378.000,-
* Clarifying Toner            : Rp 378.000,-
* Speedy Clear Serum      : Rp 378.000,-
* Liquid Foam                  : Rp 378.000,-
* Spot Cover                     : Rp 378.000,-
* Beauty Balm                  : Rp 378.000,-

BB Cream
* Rejuvenating Blemish Base (Silver Label) for sensitive skin   : Rp 408.000,-
* Skin Perfection Blemish Base (Black Label) for dry skin        : Rp 488.000,-
* Premium Blemish Base for dry skin and aging                        : Rp 648.000,-
* Regenerating Blemish Balm for Whitening                             : Rp 528.000,-
* Renewalist Blemish Balm for aging skin                                 : Rp 278.000,-

You can browse more about Dr. Jart+ through their social media.

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