September 11, 2013

Pond's 101 Acne Class : Pond's Acne Solution Launching

In August, Ponds invited me to come and join their event by sending this invitation to my home.

I was really excited but I thought that I wouldn't make it in the first place because the venue is way too far. >_< Then later on, Endi told me that he would like to come together with me to the event so I have a companion. :D *so happy*
I have such a really perfect score in every subject LOL :9

When I arrived, I was kinda surprised because PONDS team had changed the whole room into a  highschool area. They had their own library, canteen, basketball court, and also a UKS (a medical center at school). I suddenly missed my highschool and feel so old already.
Source : Utotia 

They also prepare this cute board (a.k.a mading) in the corner to take our picture.

Me with my blonde sister, Endi.

We were also given a true-false quiz paper and turned out no one can answer it all correctly. o.o 

I couldn't tell how much I was impressed every time I come to PONDS event. It feels like you will always be surprised by them. They always come up with a creative and interesting concept. Just like when I come to their previous Polkadot Party event. :)

We were gathering at the UKS class and our fun-good-looking teacher, dr. Eddy Karta Sp.KK, started to explain about 10 most common problem for teens. 

Do you know that 6 of 10 teens EVER HAD a problem with oily skin and acne?

Although I'm no longer a teenager, but I understand how does it feel since I was also one of them. I was having a hard time back then to fight against acne and oily skin. Moreover, acne is the worst confidence killer in my opinion. It feels embarassed to hang around the school with acne.

Ms. Debora told us how teen's skincare has evolved these days. It's not only about keeping their skin clean but also manage how to fight oily skin and acne. Well, it's not surprising this little acne could be really annoying, right? 

The presentation was pretty serious and fun in the same time. They dig out everything about acne clearly and yet still have some fun regarding fact about acne's myth. 
For example when dr. Eddy told us that getting angry is not good for your skin. So, don't get angry too often, ladies :P

Myth or Facts! 

Can you guess which one is the fact?

This session is really helpful because sometimes we aren't really sure about it. Several things that I thought as fact turned out wrong! o.o

Based on their research, PONDS Institute finally reveal 10 most common teen's skin problems which are oily skin, acne, dull skin, blackheads, whiteheads, enlarged pores, dark spots, kulit kasar, uneven skin tone, and redness caused by acne's inflamation. 

Therefore they launch the Complete Solution range to eliminate all the problems
 with three simple steps(which I will reveal in my next post).

Here all the products for real ;)
They will be available soon in the nearest store.

We were also given a chance to ask about anything that we want to know about the products and acne itself. I come home with lots of new knowledge about acne, do and don't with acne, etc. 

And we are finally graduated from PONDS 101 Acne Class!
Our graduation picture. :D

Not forget to pose with my beautiful classmates
Do we look like in our 17's?

Thanks a lot to PONDS who had invited me to this event. I had a really good time and I will REVEAL the Complete Solution THREE STEPS soon! Make sure you didn't miss it!


  1. Aku belom posting nih yang ponds huhuhu ;p Seru ya venue-nya, aku juga kaget pas liat ;)
    Btw Gabby, itu fotonya lucu, aku boleh minta foto yg rame2 nggak?


  2. Hihi iya seruu banget venuenya ^^.. eh iya bolehh, itu aku juga ngegrab kok dari tia ^_^

  3. Hoo dari Tia toh? Oke ntar aku ngomong langsung juga ke Tia deh ;) Thank you Gabby :D

  4. lucu banget raportnya XD hahaha

  5. iya vee ini lucu bgt invitationnya ^_^


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