September 6, 2013

Welcome to the Club 22's

It's just another story that happened I opened my birthday present. Nothing special... well.

So, I wake up so late on my birthday because I had to stay awake to open the most hilarious present that I ever had. Since it was also Saturday, I and Pat decided to go out. Without any plan or idea.

P : Are you hungry?
G : Yes. But we're going to HolyCow Steak later. (The resto open at 5.00 pm and it was 3.00 pm at the moment)
P : Hungry already. *grumpy face*
G : Let's find something to eat at the mall then.
P : *see a Padang resto nearby* What about Nasi Padang?
G : Heh?
P : Okay, do you want to go or not? *clarify*
G : Yeah yeah... you must be so damn hungry already.
P : Why? You also like it, don't you?.
G : You should be thankful for having me as your GF. I dressed up already and you bring me to Padang resto because you are hungry.
P : Hahahaha at least I bring you to expensive Padang Resto and not the cheap one. (wtf... we ALWAYS eat there if he was craving for Nasi Padang)

So the first session of our lovey date is eating the-so-expensive Nasi Padang. 

After that, I picked MOI as our next destination randomly because it's easier to find a parking spot there on weekends. We went to Blitzmegaplex to check if there any good movies and decided to watch Elysium. The miracle is ... we still have enough balance to pay our ticket so we feel like not spending any money. LOL. We still have 2 hours before the movie begin so we decided to buy some breads. Actually we want to bring the breads into the theater. While passing Starbucks store, I asked Pat.

G : Hey did you bring our Starbucks Card? (it is a membership card with balance inside to purchase Starbucks products)
P : Ah, good idea. *go buy some drinks*
G : Is it enough?
P : Of course.
G : Wah, I feel like rich people today. Buy this and that without paying.
P : Well, I have a really good investment in these cards.
G : ....

And there he is with the results of his good investment (a.k.a. Starbuck's Vanilla Latte)

Me in dressed-up mode
Dressing up means I wear more girly clothes because Pat always said my jeans and T-shirt are sucks LOL (yeah you will understand why when you live in Jakarta)

The movie started at 6.00 pm and ended around 8.00 pm so we're kinda late for dinner. When we arrived at HolyCow, I saw bunch of people were queuing. :( So we decided to find another resto and we go to the nearby resto in Sunter, Terrace Cafe. Suprisingly, Pat could choose something good this time LOL.

And it's really surprising that they shape our rice into heart shape. :D

;') I am touched. They shaped all the rice that we ordered in heart shape including the additional rice LOL. The meal tasted really nice. Not forget to mention the huge dessert that we ordered.

Banana split *.* my favorite all the time. I love everything with ice cream!

They are really huge in portion. o_o

And the price it quite affordable as for us. It's just we order too much because Pat was keep saying,"It's your birthday so just order anything that we want." I will definitely come back again to this place. xD

There's nothing particular thing that I want except a better life, a better career in the future, and also a long lasting relationship with him. :) 


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