September 9, 2013

Review : EOS Jewelry Blue Review

I think I could never get enough of contact lenses. I always browse through new brand and new pattern of contact lenses. 

Actually I bought this for a long time but I'd just realized that I haven't made a review about it. 
 EOS Jewelry Blue

Price : around $12-15
The pattern is beautiful, right?

 And make sure not to wear it backwards because you could appear like an alien in sudden. You can notice by looking at the black line in the pattern. The right side will show more intense black color (the right lens). The left side was the one that should face your eyes directly.. 

The color is really intense under direct light but it looks natural when your eye aren't not exposed to the light. And it has been my favorite lens ever since and I often wear it for daily basis (even for my final thesis presentation). It might looks too much in photo with flash and strong light. But trust me, it doesn't look that obvious in real life.

Great for daily or even special occasion. I was trying to make use of my blue kimono lol.

See? In this photo, the color isn't as bright as the previous photo but still noticeable.  Most of blue lenses that I tried were too dark or too bright. So it's just perfectly like what I want. The enlargement effect is also quite natural and it could go with a single line of eyeliner like what I did. It doesn't make me looks like an alien or what. Now you know why I love them very much!

It is also comfortable to wear for 6-8 hours before it started to feel itchy and you need to use your eye drops to prevent it from drying. It is normal for me. I usually take it out once I feel it is uncomfortable and let my eye to rest. Do not force yourself when it feels uncomfortable and the eye drops doesn't help much. :)

-Nice color and pattern
- Comfortable to wear
- Can be used for daily 


I would love to try another series from EOS but still cannot decide haha. If you're going to buy EOS lens, you can browse them through Dreamie Chuppa. They often have special promotion for contact lenses and also have a great service. :D

Dreamie Chuppa 

Disclaimer : This is not sponsored post. I bought these lenses with my own money.

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