December 1, 2013

New MV for Kiranti

Hello lovelies. If you're wondering I rarely update now, it's because I'm working on this animation! 

Take your time to watch. ^.^

Any comments or likes will be appreciated :3 I'm still learning though.

This is the first time I made a video in Bahasa so it's kinda awkward. I will explain a little bit about the video.   Kiranti is a Indonesian's herbal drink that helps woman to reduce PMS. The main story tells about women's monthly pain (a.k.a PMS) and how to 'bear' with it.

Well yeah, Pat said that I looks like the angry dinosaur when I'm on my period. Hahaha it can't be helped because it's extremely painful >_<

 I decided that I wanna do something before working on next Monday. Yes, I'm finally employed LOL. I'll probably busy til the end of the year. I had another plan for another animation project and hopefully I could finish it before Christmas. ^^ Of course I'll be doing some beauty related post too hehe. 

Talk to you guys again later ^.^/ 


  1. CINDY AISYAH FIRDIAHDecember 2, 2013 at 2:21 PM

    hello, how can you make that cute video? what application you use? I really want to make video like that, would you like tell me? which application? it is hard? and how can?wow you are so cool :DD

  2. Thankss...I'm using Adobe Illustrator and Flash :D Well it's not really hard since you can get tons of tutorial from Google or youtube ^_^

  3. Hi Gabby, aku nominasiin kamu Liebster Award ^_^
    Cek di blogku ya ^_^


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