December 31, 2013

Happy New Year 2014 + My 2014 Resolution

Today is the last day of 2013, the day when I usually think about what I've done in a year and make a list about what I'm going to do in the next year.

I recall that many things happened, the good one and the bad one. Even until the very last minute.

My ups and downs in 2013

- Graduated with an A score
One of my biggest dream in my final year. I could finally make my parents proud because I could get an A for my thesis ^_____^ I worked really hard for this and glad that my hardworks are worthed.

- Explore more in creative fields 
I don't know where it starts but soon after I graduate, I feel that I was given so many opportunities to explore more in a fields that I'm working on. I'm interested in creating videos and animation as you can see that I'd upload some of my works recently on my youtube channel :D

-I lost my camera
Probably the most shocking moment in my life. T_T I know that I am so careless. I'm really really sad that I lost my partner, it's been accompanying me since the first time I wrote this blog :(

Last year fireworks that I capture with my beloved Canon 500 D... :(

This year, I'm spending my new year at Pat's villa. I'm writing this post under tons of fireworks :D And I feel that next year will be a great one. I will work hard to achieve all my dream ^o^

2014 Resolution

- Go get a new camera
LOL no matter what happened I think I need to find myself a new camera. I was thinking to get myself a mirrorless camera, but still comparing each other. Any recommendations will be highly appreciated :D

-Work hard and learn more.
 I'm currently in my probation now. Hopefully everything goes well. I enjoyed my new office environment and also my new job. I'm going to start another business with my mom too. :D

- Starting our future plan
This year is a busy year for us because both of us need to pass our thesis. After graduation, we did realize that we need to do something before going into a further step in our relationship. Therefore, we promised to work hard to fulfill our dream :) About the work itself, it's still a secret hehehe. 

- Be a good blogger
I also understand that my blog is lacked of update in this year, hahahaha still the same reason.. it's all because I need to pay attention to my thesis. I will try my best to blog again regularly. Please tell me what kind of post that you like the most from my blog :D I will try to do more videos and my first giveaway in the future too. I supposed to post about it before New Year T ^ T

- Go travelling to an interesting place
I rarely gone travelling because my family doesn't like travelling but I love travelling so much LOL! I think that I wanna go travelling next year hehehe :D

Well I think that's all. I wanna work more and enjoy my life more in the same time. :) Many things happened. The good one and the bad one. But I believe that we could always learn something from all the past events. :)

Happy New Year everyone! Let's work hard and go through another year together :D

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  1. Nice one Gabby, i've just noticed you have this blog. Nice. You shared stories that would inspires. *Who knows, right?
    Anyway, keep on writting your blog. And i do wish you had a great year and done all that thing on your list. If you plan to travel somewhere i could share a thing or two to help you decide where to travel.
    Sincerely Yours.
    Olivetti Aujard


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