November 29, 2013

Review Dr. Jart+ CTRL-A Liquid Foam and Spot Out

As someone who have an acne prone skin, having a stock of great acne medication is a must for me because I will never know when the acne will come. That's why I'm so lucky to be given this Ctrl - A series from Dr. Jart+ previous event. o.o

This is the liquid facial wash from CTRL-A series. 

The bottle was made from sturdy plastic. Just like the other product from Dr. Jart+, it also had a clean design without many pattern or fancy color.

Creates soft lather when mixed with water.

I thought it will be drying but it isn't. Surprisingly, it also had a cooling sensation when I washed my faces. It feels like they are pouring mint extract inside LOL. Great to use especially in the morning to refresh your sleepy face hehe. I think it also helps to soothe your skin with the cool sensation. 

Unfortunately, I don't know why but it breaks me out after a week T-T. So I'd stopped using this facial foam and back with my previous cleanser.


First of all, I was wondering about what kind of tool is this.It looks like a concealer pen but slightly bigger. It's CTRL - A Spot Out to clear and prevent breakouts... or in other words, an acne gel.

It took me some time before I had a big war with acne to try on this product. Most of acne medication that I ever tried is drying and painful (burning sensation that aren't comfortable), some of them are stick and make my face looks oily :( I wonder if this one could change my mind about acne medication. 

The size is quite big and remind me of stabilo that I used on my school days. It has three tiny holes in front to let the products out. It also had a secure stopper by rotating the back side, so it will not accidentally being pressed and messed up your bag. o.o


It comes in gel and also very watery. It easily dissolves into your skin and create such a nice cooling sensation that let your acne calm down from its inflamation. Feels like put a cooling gel on a burning skin ^.^ Moreover it will be absorbed into your skin easily since it comes in gel and will not leave any sticky or uncomfortable feeling. Since it could be really drying, use it only on the problematic area :)

It works wonderfully on my acne. The results vary depends on the acne's type. It work fast on small bumps and takes a little time on bigger bumps. No need to pop out the acne or painful experience at all.

And it is really easy to bring with so you can use it anywhere. ^.^

The only problem that I had is, no matter I tried to press it gently, it always come with too much product  so sometimes I think it's kinda a waste because it is actually designed to put the product on several spots but ended up with pouring too much products all the time. 

And seriously it had solved about all acne medication that I ever had. ^.^ I'm totally love this acne gel so much that I will never forget to bring it with me when I had an acne!

Overall, I'm really satisfied with CTRL - A Spot Out but unfortunately not with their liquid foam :( The price itself is kinda pricey (you can check their price in my previous post here ) but as long as it works, I think it equals with the results that you get.  :D


  1. the name sounds really interesting plus i love the all white packaging it makes look more "effective" like those derma clinics products ;)

  2. mau coba ahhh thanks for the review ;)

  3. yes! the spot out works really great too xD


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