January 28, 2014

[Sponsored] Review Ageha Caramel Brown

Hello everyone! I'm back now ... hehehe just got my new camera recently <3 

I could finally present the long awaited review about my current favorite lens from Japan Softlens! :D

I'm always getting really excited when it comes to contact lens. Moreover when I hear that it is originated from Japan!!  So here it is ... Ageha in Caramel Brown. Japan Softlens kindly sent me one for review purpose and I was so excited to make the review. Sadly this review is a little bit postponed because I lost my camera and all the photos that I haven't imported >.<

Ageha Lens comes in many beautiful color that make me having a hard time to decide. Each pair looks so gorgeous <3 I was looking the one which could fit for daily basis so I ended up picking Caramel Brown.

It is said that this lens are really comfortable and could stand for 12 hours without any eyedropper. Honestly, I would never really trust these kind of advertisement but when it comes to Japanese products... well it could probably different hahaha... 

I was quite nervous in the beginning because some brown lens will end up creepy on my eye (which I don't know why hahaha). 

And here I am with the lens on...

Caramel Brown is a sweet brown with a hint of reddish tone. I'm glad the brown color are visible enough but didn't turn me into a creepy-eyed-girl. It also has a really nice enlargement effect for people with small eye like me. 

It feels really comfortable on my eyes and didn't cause any redness until now. It also didn't easily dried but you will need your eyedrops when you're in air conditioned room or working in front of computer. No itchy feeling or dizzy head after wearing it for a while. 

*admit the authenticity of Japanese product*

Love it so much and I think I will try another color! <3 

If you're not used to bright color lenses, you can try Ageha Caramel Brown. 

See? It's still looks pretty natural even without dramatic makeups or outfits ;)

- Comfortable
- Great enlargement effect
- Many colors available
- Easy to buy

- Nothing!

If you're interested you can go to Japan Softlens official site and place your order now! ^O^ Don't hesitate to ask because their staff will kindly help you. There are tons of free gifts and another promotion too *.* Browse through by clicking the picture below :)

Japan Softlens | Jual Softlens Warna Nyaman Asli Jepang♡

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