March 16, 2016

Biore Cleansing Oil Review

Cleansing oil is one of basic skincare items that I discover at the first time I learn about makeup. This routine has been carried on until today. I still stick to cleansing oil although there are any other options such as cleansing balms or cleansing water. 

Back then cleansing oil aren't as popular as now and there are a lot of girls who wear makeup but in the end of the day washed their face with only facial foam. My skin type is acne prone to begin with, so even without wearing any makeup, I was having a hard time dealing with a lot of acne. Therefore, I always make sure to clean my makeup properly even if I was only using compact powder. 

There aren't a lot of options for cleansing oils in Indonesia but I'm glad that I found Biore Cleansing Oil in the nearest drugstore. Few years ago, it is not available in Indonesia and quite pricey if I order them online. Biore Cleansing Oil retails price around Rp 95.000,00 if I'm not mistaken.


I still remember back then when I was younger, Biore is well known for their facial foam and body wash in Indonesia. Today, they have expanded their product range into makeup remover as well and it excites me to find out about how good it is. I've read a very good review about their famous cleansing wipes so I think this one should be great as well.

Biore Cleansing Oil comes in a tall and slim bottle with lavender color. The bottle is secured with a cap. I kinda prefer the usual secure system which usually locks on the pump's neck because the cap need to be precisely placed in there. 

The texture is light and almost watery. It has a quite strong fruity scent but I'm get used to it already after several usage. 

I usually use around 2-3 pumps for the entire face. Massage your face with the oils until your make up is completely dissolved, add some water until it turns into milky white and then continue massaging before finish off with facial foam. 

Let's see how good it is. 

I put on several make-up products that usually hard to remove, such as lipgloss, glitter eyeshadow, mascara, and eyeliner. 

Poof... it's GONE!

All clean in a go! A little tips for me, as I only use cleansing oil on daily basis when I put minimum makeup on. I usually focused on the whole face first before rubbing eye and lips area. So you won't get the residues of eyeliner or lipstick on your entire face. 

It works really nice to remove powder or base makeup product. However for several lip product and mascara, I still find it is difficult to remove them with this cleansing oil. It is possible but I need to rub the mascara and eyeliner for quite a long time. If you notice, you could spot the red marks left behind because of the excessive rubbing. If you're wearing thick eye make-up or bold lipstick color, I would say it is netter to use a proper remover for eye and lip makeup rather than relying solely on cleansing oil.

Another plus point from me is it doesn't left sticky residues or drying sensation after washing which is great. So far, Biore Cleansing Oil is one of my favorite cleanser for me, great for daily use purposes and good value for money.

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