March 14, 2016

Covermark Soft Es Pact Review

Having flawless skin is definitely a dream of every single woman. However there are times when we need to look good and our skin are not in their best condition. That's how makeup come to the rescue. Unfortunately, it is not easy to achieve a flawless and natural looking skin even with makeup. We need to know how to layer makeup properly and of course a lot of practice. One single mistake and you could end up ruining your whole complexion. That's why I prefer a minimum amount of product and stick to one or two base makeup with a great coverage. 

Today I wanna introduce a compact foundation from Covermark. Covermark is originated from Japan with foundation as their best seller product. Perhaps we could conclude from their brand name that they offer a good coverage, right? Covermark Indonesia kindly sent me three of their products which I will review each of them in a separate post. Let's hop on to the first one. 

A cake type foundation that fits lightly and thinly to the skin for long-lasting cover.

 Covermark Soft <es> Pact is a creamy compact foundation which could help us to cover our imperfection and achieve that flawless-natural looking skin. It also contains SPF 33 PA +++ and bring 8 different color selections which vary around cool and warm undertones. If you're confused to choose the right shade, you could visit their counter at Seibu Grand Indonesia and their beauty advisor could help you to find the right shade.  

The packaging is pretty simple with soft pink-beige color and pretty details of lace pattern printed on the outer box. As for the container, there is nothing special as it is originally a refill container. Twist the cap to open and take out the refill part. Although this is a refill container, I think it is quite compact to travel with as the original case is pretty big. The packaging is quite sturdy and secured so no worries. :) The advantage of having a case are it has a compartment for a sponge and mirror which could be very useful for touch up.

You can push the refill container through the back side.  The container will come out and ready to be placed in the case. I feel like it is very tiny but actually the container is pretty deep and contain enough amount of product.

I got mine in shade N1 which is one of the lightest shade. It appears pretty dark when I swatch it on my wrists because my wrist area is quite pale but it blends really well when I apply it on my face. I found the formula itself is pretty unique. The texture is thick but powdery at the same. It has the coverage of cream foundation but the finish of powder foundation.

Here is the before-after comparison on my face.

I only apply a single layer without powder but as you can see the difference is quite obvious. It looks like a better version of my skin. The coverage is medium to high. It could cover pores, discoloration, and spots but still looks pretty natural with matte finish. Before applying this foundation, make sure that you had applied your moisturizer and hydrate your skin properly. This foundation will set in a short time so I recommend you to work gradually on several area such as cheeks part first then proceed to forehead, and so on. It is recommended to use damp sponge to apply it. You could also build the coverage by dabbing the foundation on to the desired area using your fingers. 

As for staying power, it could last until 6 hours on the T Zone and not budged at all on the cheeks area without any blot or touch up. I bring it to an extreme test by going out to eat seafood on outdoor area. It's pretty humid and hot plus I'm all sweaty because can't stand of spicy food but it's still there! It will not fade as long as you didn't wipe it hard and just gently dab on it. I am very impressed with the result and especially by how fast it set. Usually cream foundation need to be set properly to maintain their coverage but I only use Covermark Soft <Es> Pact without powder and it still works wonderfully. 

This is a great options for those who need medium - full coverage foundation with long staying power. It would be extremely helpful especially if you're attending an important event or whole day event, as you only need a minimum touch up and your make up are still perfectly there. 

Other review will be up soon!

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Disclosure : These products were sent for review purposes. All opinions are based on my own experience and not influenced in any way. 

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