June 10, 2016

Sociolla Pink Box : Experience the goodness of Vitacreme

Skincare journey never hits an end for me. Few weeks ago, I discovered two interesting product which are introduced by Sociolla through their pink mail...it is Vitacreme B12 Lightening Cream and Day Cream Sun Protection

I'd heard about Vitacreme but actually never keen about their product. In a glance, it reminds me of a medicated lotion or 'salep' in tube packaging. Vitacreme is originated from Swiss and the only cosmetic product with Vitamin B 12 (Cyanocobalamin) as their main active ingredients.

According to their site, the principal actions with the application of VitacremeB12 are:
  • Skin Reconditioning
  • Very significant reduction in the extent of the wrinkles and fold of the skin
  • Improvement in skin elasticity
  • Correction of the skin dryness


A special care product enriched with UVA and UVB filters to protect your skin from sun damages. Its unique formulation promotes a progressive lightening of the skin, without irritating. It tones down the pigmentation spots and prevents their development, evens the complexion and gives the skin a new luminosity and radiance.

You can use Vita Blanc Lightening Cream either in your morning or night skincare routine. I usually wear this cream at night because I use Vitacreme Day Cream Sun Protection in the morning. There are times when I wear this cream in the morning when the weather is cold and my skin need more hydration. 

It comes to my surprise that their cream comes is a light pink color which is a bit unusual for a medicated cosmetic. At first the texture would appear thick but it will turn a bit watery the moment you start to massage the cream on your skin surfaces. As for the scent, I could sense a bit of medicinal scent but it will disappear in no time. I kinda enjoyed the subtle powdery scent after awhile using these products.

After trying Vita Blanc Lightening Cream for almost two months, I'm personally love this product and have added it into my regular skincare regime for daily basis. I could see that it helps to improved my skin texture becomes more supple and even. When I feel my skin is dry especially after using acne prevention lotion, I put on this cream before bed time and my skin feels extremely supple in the morning. Well it's pretty similar effect with a sleeping pack but the difference is I still could sense the bouncy feelings even after I washed my face. No doubt the reason why I love this product so much now <3

A little tips from me before deciding to add new skincare product into your regime, try to add or replace your skincare products gradually to give your skin a little time to adapt with the new regime. I usually try on a new produt starting from twice a week at first until finally I'm sure there are no allergic reactions or breakouts so I could add them into my regime everyday. It could also helps you to observe which products are actually working and which one are not for you.


Looking from their packaging color, it looks pretty obvious that it is a sun protection cream, don't you agree? Vitacreme B12 Day Creme Sun Protection Cream comes in a 50 ml plastic tube and formulated with an ideal combination of vitamins (B5, C, E and B12 / Cyanocobalamin) and UVA-UVB solar filters. This beauty cream helps to prevent premature skin ageing and wrinkles formation caused by sunbeams. 

A closer look about the ingredients as some of you might aware about your sunscreen ingredients.

I would say the texture is a bit heavy for day cream or sunscreen product as it is pretty thick and it makes me got into a love-hate relationship. It leaves me with a bit of greasy feeling at first and it take around 15-20 minutes before it completely absorbed into our skin. I could feel that it helps to hydrate my skin so I usually wear Vitacreme B12 Day Creme Sun Protection Cream after my toner and serum without adding any moisturizer. 

Another thing I don't really like is the strong 'medicinal-scent' but the great news is it didn't break me out although the texture is quite thick :D So far Vitacreme B12 Day Creme Sun Protection Cream worked great on me as I would love if the texture could be slightly lighter because I prefer a lighter sunscreen to use in the middle of Jakarta's hot weather. If you're having an oily skin, I would suggest you to use a lighter moisturizer first before using this cream.

Vitacreme B12 Vita Blanc Lightening Cream and Vitacreme Day Creme Sun Protection are available at Sociolla. Head through their website to make your purchases. Sociolla also provides a lot of other beauty product and the most important part is, I always love how Sociolla pay attention on every single details in their package. Who doesn't love their pretty pink boxes with your purchased goods inside?

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Thank you for reading. 

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