June 8, 2016

Unboxing Althea Beauty Package

Hello everyone. I had previously uploaded my latest haul from Althea Korea thus haven't had a chance to write furthermore about the haul. I was so excited when I knew that Althea is going to launch in Indonesia since they offered a lot of great deals and reasonable prices for Korean products.

My package was wrapped in pink-colored plastic wrappers and a sturdy box with Althea logo on it. They also secure my package with bubble wraps, not an ordinary one since they seam the bubble wraps into a pouch so no hassle in opening the bubble wraps. Shipping time takes about 10 days while I heard that other blogger's package come in 3-4 days but it doesn't really matter for me since PO are usually takes a longer time.

Trust me, I spent like hours to decide which one I should buy lol. I feel like wanna buy everything. Althea Korea also brings a lot of Korean Brands that I haven't heard before.

So here it is.

Banila Co Classic Matte Primer
This is one of the most wanted item on my list but unfortunately it was really hard to find in here. I am so glad that Althea Indonesia have this product on their site and not forget to mention that the price is quite reasonable!

It's Skin Macaroon Lip and Cheek Color 
Cute packaging! Seriously I cannot resist cute items. They also got the macaroon packaging for lip balm too but I prefer this one since it could be used both as lip and cheek color.

The Witch Dual Eyebrow
One of the most interesting item that I discover in Althea Indonesia. I think it is very convenient to have gel-brow products in a compact packaging.

Tony Moly Backstage Gel Eyeliner in Black
I know this one is not a new thing but haven't had a chance to try since I still had a lot of gel liners back then. I read a lot of great reviews about it and decided to give it a try.

Sheet Masks
Animal sheet mask! Hahahaha you must have known how I love tiger and leopards lol. I also managed to get myself other mask from Innisfree.

You can head to Althea Indonesia to make your purchase and hang on to your wallet since there will be a lot of good deals hahaha.

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Complete review will be up soon. Which item should I review first? Let me know in the comment below :D


  1. Your pics are so nice!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Mochi for sharing about this!

    1. Your welcome, Tammy! Thank you for the opportunity :)


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