June 25, 2016

Skin LiFe Medicated Acne Skincare Review

I've been experienced different kinds of acne and breakout since my younger days. Having sensitive skin needs me put more attention and get to know my skin better at the same time. I need to figure out on which thing works and which doesn't. So today I will do an extended review about one of my fave acne skincare, Skin LiFe Acne Care Series. 

Few years ago, I discovered this skincare line from Japan and it has been one of my little secret to fight against acne. Skin LiFe is a medicated acne skincare originated from Cowstyle, a personal care brand from Japan. All of Skin LiFe product are produced in Japan so no worries about their quality. 

Skin LiFe Acne Series focused on two simple step in their regime, Cleanse and Moisture. The basics of skincare. Acne skincare tends dried out skin as most of them contains lots of ingredients to remove sebum and drying the acne. Skin LiFe comes with a concept to treat acne prone and sensitive skin with moisturizing properties. 


Skin Life believes in cleansing and refining skin texture with mild and gentle products. For cleansing method, SkinLiFe comes with three different cleanser product according to your needs.

Skin LiFe Cleansing Foam (yellow tube) is a deep cleanser product with a better ability in removing dirts, excess sebum, and makeup. I usually use it to remove light make-up or sunscreen. It comes in yellow tube so you would not mistaken this product with the facial foam. 

Skin LiFe Facial Foam (white tube) is mild daily cleanser product which is suitable for everyday use. It contains fruit acid and lemon extract as moisturizing ingredients and comes with a nice refreshing citrus floral fragrance.  

Skin LiFe Foaming Facial Wash (pump bottle) is actually facial foam in a pump bottle. You only need to pump and voila ... that's the bubble without any hassle. Perfect choice on lazy morning days to speed up your morning routine or people with extremely sensitive skin as it creates a very delicate and bouncy foam. You can read my previous review about it here.

The tube size is big enough for personal use and I think it could last around 3 months.

L - R : Skin LiFe Cleansing Foam - Skin LiFe Facial Foam

In a glance, both of them seems pretty similar but Skin LiFe Cleansing Foam actually has a thicker texture compared to Skin LiFe Facial Foam. 

Use a big peanut size to create the foam. Make sure that you lather the foam nicely until it achieves a thick and bouncy texture. Use the foam to wash your skin gently without any harsh scrubbing motion. Rinse with water and gently pat dry your face with a clean towel.

Why bother to create a thick foam? Thick foam could help to penetrate your skin and cleanse them better while maintaining your skin texture. It is one of Japanese cleansing method. So don't forget to build up the foam to cleanse your skin properly :D


My fave product from this skincare line, Skin LiFe Face Lotion. It is an acne care face lotion with lots of active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, fruit acid, and lemon extract. Freshly moisturize your skin and also helps to treat your acne at the same time.

It comes in 200 ml tube bottle and could last around 2-3 months for everyday use. Skin LiFe Face Lotion has a very light and watery texture with a nice-cool refreshing feels afterwards.

Apply lotion on your palm or cotton pad, pat it on your face with upwards motions. 

Personally, I prefer using cotton pad as I feel it helps to spread the lotion on my face evenly but it is okay to use your palm and do a slight of face massage while patting the lotion on your face. I totally love Skin LiFe Face Lotion the most since it also helps to remove excess sebum and makes my face look less oily. Besides it is fragrance free and great for acne soothing care.

A little tips from me for soothing your acne with Skin Life Face Lotion. I usually pour a generous amount of this lotion on a cotton pad and then leave it on my acne for 10-15 minutes before I put on any acne spot treatment. It helps to soothe the inflammation and shrink my acne with regular use.

Come to my conclusion, I think all the products from Skin Life Acne Series are mild and gentle, especially for acne prone and sensitive skin. It could be an option that you might want to try if you're having an issue regarding acne as their price range are quite affordable and comes in a massive size. 
You can purchase Skin LiFe Acne Series AEON, Ranch Market, Grand Lucky, Kemchicks, PAPAYA Market City, Rezeki Supermarket, Century, and Yogya Super. They are also available for online purchasing through Nadeko, Suka Mart, Tororo, and Bilna.

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What's your secret for treating acne? 


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