August 31, 2016

O-lens Jenith 3 Color Sky Gray Review

I have this complicated love and hate relationship when it comes to contact lens. I've been wearing my glasses for quite a long time. Although it could help me to see things better but there are times I feel completely hopeless without any glasses on. Therefore I am overjoyed with happiness when I finally tried on contact lens for the first time and amazed that my eyesight is no longer limited behind the lens.

I started wearing contact lens for daily basis but years afterward my eyes has become pretty sensitive especially in air conditioned room. I could no longer wear lens more than 8 hour in a day and always have a lens dropper in my pouch. Therefore, choosing a comfortable lens is my priority and extremely important.

O-lens Jenith 3 Color Sky Gray has been my current fave contact lens. It is one of the most comfortable lens that I could wear for more than 8 hours without any droppers. I am pretty amazed because normally I could only wear contact lenses for around 4-6 hours and I have to take them off before it started to make me feel uncomfortable or even worse, red eyes.

O-Lens Jenith 3 Color Sky Gray come in glass bottle packaging and secured in a tight plastic container. The plastic container could be easily opened by pulling off the front and back part so no need to hurt yourself to cut them open. Each lens is soaked inside saline solution in separate bottles and you need to crack the seal to open it. I think the packaging is secure enough to prevent any lens damage especially when it is shipped overseas .

First impression, the lens itself feels extremely soft. You will understand what I mean the moment you touch the lens directly. If you've been trying on various type of contact lens, you will find there are several lens which feels pretty sturdy or thick and there are some which feels less sturdy or perhaps I could say a bit squishy, so you need to be very delicate to put it on your fingertips or else it won't hold on to its shape perfectly. This O-Lens Jenith 3 Color Sky Gray lens goes to the second category.

I usually go for brown color but I'm getting tired of it so I decided to go for another color which still can be used for daily basis. Let's see how does it looks on my eyes.

I think what makes this O-Lens Jenith 3 Color Sky Gray unique is the color is quite subtle yet still visible enough. It might looks a bit weird to wear these lenses alone without any make-up on but a simple black eyeliner will do the trick. It will looks even better with various bold eye-makeup so I love it because it could be worn to pull off different looks.

As I had stated before, these lenses are comfortable to wear even for such a long time and it doesn't feel like you're wearing any lenses hehe but still don't forget to take them off by the end of the day. I still recommend to bring your contact lens dropper just in case it started to feel uncomfortable. Also make sure you're having the right prescription for your lens so you won't experienced any discomfort. I was once trying to change my lens prescription because they are out of stock, actually I only reduced it by -0.25, not much though but I finally ended up getting dizzy every single time I put on the lens.

Based on my experience, it is usually harder to take off these type of lenses since they are a bit squishy but I experienced zero difficulties while taking them off. Another reason why I loved these lenses because I tended to freak out a little bit if I cannot take off my lenses properly, well who wasn't?

I got these O-Lens Jenith 3 Color Sky Gray from Pinkicon. Pinkicon is a beauty e-commerce site based on Hongkong. They have a wide range of beauty stuff ranging from makeup, skincare, lenses, lashes, wigs and many more. You can head on to their site for more info.

Purchase the lenses here : O-Lens Jenith 3 Color Sky Gray

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