August 14, 2011

The Newcomers ^^

Hello anyone ( ̄▽ ̄) /)  ( ̄▽ ̄) /)

Well there's bad things, but also a good thing happened...  In the same day I got my eye surgery, I got an announcement about Hamster Mall Logo Design... \(^▽^*) \(^▽^*) I read the text only with single eye...xD and wonder if I'm still dreaming or not... Nah..Well I'm a bit late to claim the prize because of my condition at the moment, but a disaster happen!!...

Well the Contest Holder (CH) sent me the cage wrapped with only a thin cardboard, and some of the cage's part is broken!! I'm paying around $4 for the shipping and this is what I get!

See? I'm feeling unhappy at first.. but after I told the CH about my package is arrived with damage, she contact me by phone immediately and say sorry. We chat for a while, and I try to think positive as well. I told her that she need to wrap it more carefully with newspaper, bubble wrap, etc to keep the package safe. Because you know, any delivery service wouldn't care about what's inside the package... so it's better for us to keep them safe by wrapping them extra (extra paper, extra etc to make sure that the package will be safe even though there's a huge earthquake !!)

 The cage isn't damaged so badly then, just let it be... I should be careful next time.

Huge cute Cage ^.^
Here is inside the cage.. :3

The HUGE Rolling Ball...

Well I want this cage so bad since the first time I saw it, and the CH held a logo design competition for this deluxe cage as the main prize!! x3 *drooollllll*... Since I'm a graphic design student, why don't use my abilities to achieve it?? =P (at the end, the most important thing is I get it for  FREE!)... It's about the same time when I decide to buy another hammie ..

Here are them... lovelies ^^'s so cute. Its origin name is Campbell Black Molted, but we know it as Panda...  take a look at them.. \(^∀^)(^∀^)ノ

I bought them immediately after I claim the prize.. TT,TT What do you think about them? I just reaallly reallly LOVE them  (≧∇≦) (≧∇≦) although they bite a lot (@,@)

And here is my first hammie, it's Winter White .. It's kinda Sapphire or maybe Normal, I can't really tell, they look so similar to me.

He's cute, a little bit older than the others, and LOVES the wheel very much! He even slept on it. One of my BF'S friend give it to him, and since I said I want to have one, he took it one for me. ^^ ...:) It's kinda shy so we need to be gentle.

Well it's all about them.. Is there anyone interested in hammies too? I would like to hear your stories about them too ^^


  1. thanks >.< yeah especially when they were eating, their mouth are full with foods and become so chubby...xD

  2. wow..hamster are really cute!!

  3. omggg, soo cuteee, I remember I like to visit my friend house to play with her hamster LOLOL 8D

  4. Yes... but some of them they bite quite a lot.. T,T it hurts...

  5. Adorable! I always wanted a hamster. :'(

  6. ^,^ then go get a pair of them.. hehe.. they're so cuteee..


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