August 13, 2011

Right Eye Incision

Hello everybody ...(o ̄∇ ̄o) (o ̄∇ ̄o) I was going through in painful days last week.. ((o(;△;)o)) ((o(;△;)o))  That's why I can't update my blog... I've got a little eye surgery (it's kinda a small incision to cut out the abscess) because there's infection (I even don't know what kind of disease is that) in my right eye.. 

The first time I notice about it, it's like something going under your eye, but without any pain and color (such as reddish when you got an acne). So I thought it was nothing then, but few days later it started to grow bigger.(゚ペ)

Well the incision was short, it's about 10-15 minutes, but I was nervous at the moment. It's been a long time since I have a suture on my left eyelid, when I was a kid... and I'm kinda scared. Well it feels a bit hurt, really, but I'm relieved it's not going for a long time. The incision was ended then with my eye was being bandaged. The doctor said that the injury should not be contact with water for a while.. and with such a huge bandage on my eyes, I even hard to see, hard to walk with using only one eye... (゚Д゚≡゚Д゚)

My BF said he wants a picture of me with the bandage on my eye, and when I got a photo of my eyes only, he told me he wants my whole face with a big smile, so that I snap this one for him.. forgive  for all the weird things ⌒(>。≪)

Weird smile with a pale face >_<

After that, I slept for hours because the anesthetic effect. It feels like, when one of your eye is closed, the other eye is about follow the other one... I need to take a rest for few days to keep my eye from dust, UV rays, water, and many more ...

So be careful girls, for those who wear contact lens .... >_< so you'll not end up like me... I think it's important to check about our eyes, maybe around once a year...

Well then I'll be back with another post soon (I've got many things to do! Another giveaway and awards!)... See ya again! (>ω<*)


  1. so scaaarrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! T____T
    hope you get well soon okay! btw check out my mini giveaway, it's not much but hope you like the prizes :D

  2. yeah its so scarry ar! hope it heals faster so you can see with both eyes ^ ^

  3. iya.. udh recovery kok skarang.. perbannya udh dibuka ^^ thx

  4. yep.. I'm about to enter your giveaway ^^ thanks for inviting me...

  5. thanks =( I seldom get any eye infection, but eyelid infection..?? I'm a little bit confused, because I'd been wore contact lens for about a year but nothing happened so far, til suddenly this one appeared

    should be careful with contact lens then, not all of them are safety esp. if you have sensitive eyes..=)

  6. wah...kasihan chinooooo...cpt sembuuuh yaaaa....

  7. glad to know your surgery went well! I have really sensitive eyes and I always get eyemakeup,glitter and whatnot in them Dx I should be careful in the future! Plus if I got some eye infection from wearing circle lenses my parents would confiscate them :/


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