August 19, 2011

Review The Face Shop Lovely Me : Ex Pucca Mini Brush Set

Hello everyone...\(^▽^*) \(^▽^*) How are you?? I hope all of you still enjoy my posting.. 

Well, today I'm going to give a review about  The Face Shop Lovely Me : Ex Pucca Mini Brush Set. The Face Shop launch this limited Pucca edition during last Christmas. It comes with red and black as dominant color. There's eyeshadow, fake eyelashes, lipgloss, highlighter, cream blusher, duo pencil for eye and lip, BB cream, and hand cream. It comes with all cute Pucca packaging that makes me couldn't sleep really.. I'd posted about this earlier here.

Feels like I wanna grab them all>.< but unfortunately it's a lil bit pricey. And The Face Shop launch the Pucca series again during the Valentine day with pink packaging.. >.< so cute too...*faint*

So I decide to buy the Mini Brush Set, since I don't have any make up brush (but I got tons of paint brush xP), and when my package has arrived, I think I just wanna keep it as a collection because it's just too cute !! Really.. It was so rare to find Pucca in my country, and now there's bunch of Pucca in front of my eyes.... But, it is not sold in my country, I got it via Pre-Order from Korea.

Here it comes..The Face Shop Lovely Me : Ex Pucca Mini Brush Set...My lovely baby.

Cute packaging !

It contains four mini brushes

Seriously I love this one, since I knew about make up things, and interested in Korean cosmetic, I wonder if someday they would release Pucca series.. this is it.. things I've been waiting for ...( ̄▽ ̄) /) *heaven*

Blush Brush

Eyeshadow Brush

Eyeshadow Applicator

Lip and Concealer Brush

My Red Pucca Bag with my Pucca Mini Brush Set

Afterall, the brush tip is quite smooth, it won't irritate our skin. But I don't know how it would turn out after washing, because there are some brush got a different texture after washing. And you should remember this is a MINI brush... so it's not comes in usual size that we know..

I guess I should find another brush set then, since I'm not ready to use this one, so I just keep it inside my drawer.Is this count as a review ( ̄▽ ̄) ? Hahah forgive me then for a bad review...

I still want more of the Pucca series from The Face Shop >.<

I'll see you soon ... bubye (>ω<*)


  1. thanks... sayang mo dipake >.< hahaha

  2. It's around US $ 15 .. depends on the store.. =)

  3. Pucca Pucca Pucca! I want it ar >o< lucky you got this one, I don't know anything about this :o yeah, same like you, if I got this Pucca set its best to keep it as collection haha :p

  4. well go grab it then! I guess there's many OS out there open PO for this..=)

    >,< hahah yeah.. since brush doesn't have any expired if I never use it....but I want more >.<

    I want try the blush :D

  6. This brush set is sooo cute! I like Pucca!

  7. indeed it has acute packaging :>

  8. This is sooo cute. Can't believe this is from Face Shop


  9. waah you definitely had a crush on pucca, no? ^^ they're cute

  10. yeah.. >,< haha...and it got my fav color there too ^,^

  11. yep.. >,< I found it accidentally though...

  12. yes, that's the main reason I bought it ^o^

  13. I'll probably toss the brushes away and keep the brush holder... :p sooo cute.

  14. hahah.. yeah.. unfortunately they don't have any pucca printed on the brush

  15. Wow pucca >.<
    i love pucca too, i was collecting pucca when i was in high school.
    The main reason i love pucca because i love red \(^o^)/

    May i know how much the price?

    Thanks ^_^


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