August 25, 2011

I'm finally 20!

Hello my dearest readers.. sorry for lack of update.. I've been so busy with my lectures..Morning till evening every Monday-Wednesday.. but luckily today is the last day! >,< Well it's my 20th birthday too on 24th August..x) that's why I'm feeling so excited to write down a post and share my happiness with all of's quite a long post than I usually made... but hope you enjoy it.. =D Let's begin..

In fact, there's a disaster happened on my birthday.. In the last semester, I got an important lecture that been taught by a killer lecturers.. He always come very late, not for 10 or 20 minutes but almost 1-2 hours...(゚Д゚|||) can you imagine that? Oh my gosh, I feel wanna punch his face lol... Besides, he talks a lot for about an hour, make everybody in the class feel dizzy and sleepy. (--) The worst part is he unconsequent!! Today he said something with you and then next week he pretend that he never tell you anything.. (゚Д゚|||) imagine if that happens if I was discussing about my assignment with him, and after I did some revision, next week he told me that it is wrong! I'm really really pissed off with him and feel lucky I'd passed his lecture.


Guess what? He's coming peacefully this morning (no, I mean this afternoon because he's late for about 2 hours) and said he's going to teach us again this semester...(゚Д゚|||) *nightmare*

Well the silly part is, before he comes, somebody came to our class, brought the student's list and gave some briefs, so I and absolutely all of my friends thought that he's our new lecturer. We were so relieved till suddenly he said,"Sorry but I'm not your lecturer, the lecturer is ...*his name, oh my gosh!* I'll be helping as his assistant...'o((≧≦))o o((≧≦))o 


That's the bad news, when I and my friends are thinking about our future in this semester suddenly time passed by and I need to attend another lecture. And you know what? Somebody suddenly come into the class again and hey... seems I knew him.. ((o(;△;)o))

He is my lecturer in my first year! And he's really such a great one! Have sense of humour, responsible, and deserve to be the real lecture... oh really I'm relieved.. it's just like we got some reunion with him and talked a lot about how did my class have fun together with him in the past... >,< Bad luck and good luck in the same day.... hahaha...but those things kinda surprised me a lot.. really..

Move on.. Jakarta is really really in a big traffic lately, I need 1.5 hours to go home... How pity, and I'd been very tired because of waiting for a long time at campus, being too sad, being too happy ... then I still need to go bought a cake.. in a traffic hours.. somebody please lend me a teleport machine! I'm too tired to get into another traffic so I decided to buy the cake tomorrow..

Therefore, my Mum was planning to make a special dinner with my family and my BF, but unfortunately my big brother is out for work, so we think we would like to have dinner on weekend. But my BF said his parents invite me for dinner, so I went to his house for dinner, and then going back. When I arrived, my big brother was already at home and  said  something as silly as 'why don't buy the cake now?' ATTENTION! It's 09.00 PM at the moment. (-_-a)

But in the end, we bought a delicious chocolate devil cake and then eat it together... haha..what a tiring day but it's fun tough.. >_<  Right now I just feel lack of sleep lately because I have all my lecture in the morning...

Here we come ... the delicious Chocolate Devil Cake (≧∇≦)/

Chocolatee!!! *diet failed*

Strawberryyyy :3
And this is a present my Mum gave to me.. >,< aww so sweet.. thanks mum *big hug*...  Love you..
The Cute Box

It's separated inside.. =3

Lovely birthday card from my Mum

I got a present from my BF too, but I forgot to take it home >.< I'll post it later then... Sorry I'm not uploading my photo ... it's really such a mess, because I look so dull and tired.

I hope you're not get bored ... hahaha this is the last one...

If there's somebody asked me, what do you feel about being 20?

Now, if it goes to age 20, it means something important to me. For me, 20 is a beginning for a girl. A beginning to change, a beginning to start something new, a beginning for your life such as carrier, responsibility, and many more. As we know, women will have such a big responsibility especially if she's already married. I think one day, every girl will end up to be a wife and a mother... that's why I'm thinking that each day, each year.. I have to be more mature. This process may grow naturally, but I hope in the future I could be an inspiring woman for everyone especially for those around me. =)

I'm happy with my friends.. I try to think positive with everything happened in my life, the good one and the bad one too.. I'm not walking on a smooth path, but I'm glad that I'm not alone. I got so many people around me. Thanks God for another fabulous year.

Thanks for reading such a long-random-silly post of mine .. I'll catch up with more reviews (>ω<*)


  1. happy birthdayyyy~~~!! wish you all the best chino-chan =D

  2. DEAR happy belated birthday! and oooh I got something to tell you: pls do check this link:

    consider it as a gift from me and mylovelysiter k? ^^ CONGRATULATIONS! and hope you like the prize <3

  3. Happy belated birthday! That chocolate devil cake looks absolutely delicious. :o

  4. thx.. haha... chocolate cake always delicious for me xP

  5. happy belated birthday chinochan!

  6. Happy bday sayanggg~~~ :D
    Smoga panjang umur n sukses selalu yaaa ^-^

  7. thx dear... kmu jga yaa... yg sabar hehe ^,^

  8. I love your cake! Happy 20th birthday~


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