August 29, 2011

Review - Fantastic Cosmetic

Hello my lovely readers...( ̄▽ ̄) ( ̄▽ ̄) As promise, I'm back with another review.. Some of you maybe confused with the title or maybe unfamiliar with it..'s not a new brand of cosmetic or even skincare, but  it's a book titled Fantastic Cosmetic. I found this book by coincidence when I was dropping by in a bookstore and saw this book on top of Science Book for Kids .. lol.. can you believe it? It's pretty catchy because it comes with pink cover and simple illustration when the others come with many color and kids illustration. So I began to open the book and flipped it all over the page.. \(^▽^*) \(^▽^*)

See how it could be catchy among other books I mentioned above...

This book is INTERESTING!!

Beside the book is full color, it comes with illustration, not photo. I think most of make-up book always come with photos because it might be easier to understand with a photo, but this one comes with illustration.. It's really interesting.. Since it has connection with my major (Visual Communication Design), I found this is a really good innovation for a make-up book..\(^∀^)(^∀^)ノ

Book Description
Title : Fantastic Cosmetic
Author : Kim Mi-Kyung
Number of Pages : 204 (full color)
Size : 240 mm x 180 mm
Published by PT Elex Media Komputindo

This book is written by a korean illustrator . And trust me, it's very useful for those who are new to skincare and make-up... ;) Let's take a peek ..  (≧∇≦) (≧∇≦)

Interesting and Funny Illustrations   

It consist of five chapter which are

1.Before Make-Up
2.Basic Make-up for Healthy Skin (I guess 'Skincare' will suit better)
3.Basic Make-up for a Pretty Face
4.Special Care
5.For Men (it might be useful for your BF, girls..xP).

My Personal Opinion
It explains very well with cute chibi illustrations, easy tips to do, and many advices .I love this since I love to draw manga!! The author explains complicated technique in make-up simply and moreover.. FUN!! I bet someone who are new to make-up could understand this simple explanation. Besides, she gives the explanation step by step and also add some illustration so we can easily understand what does she mean.

The author also gives many tips, tricks, and advice that can be done at home.And the most important thing, it came with Indonesian language. So I bet there's no need any translation or misunderstanding for Indonesian readers. I don't know if this book available in another language (such as English) or not.

Sometimes the author added some funny illustration there.. honestly, it makes me laugh when I was seriously reading and suddenly I saw strange.. stupid.. crazy things there.. ROFL...(^∀^)

Such as this...

and this...


Recommended for all of you who are new to skincare and make-up. It's worth to spend some time for reading this book and you'll get anything you should know about basic skincare and make-up.

Not recommended for those who are already expert in make-up. It contains only the basic things you might already know, but it's worth enough if you're interested with its cute illustration. I bought it for my future design reference too.

The price is Rp. 85.000,00 (around US $ 10) in the bookstore. But I bought it via online shop. So it's cheaper than the one sold in the bookstore.

Rating I give it 4 out of 5.. It's unique, simple, and useful. I love this book since it gives many inspiration for me. =)

See you soon..  (>ω<*)


  1. hehe iya lucu banget .. ^^ enjoy the book yaaaa...

  2. q udh bli online...

  3. chino.. ini aku dari GM.. wow.. reviewnya bagus. aku juga pengen beli si kata temenku juga bagus.. tapi liat harganya yang lumayan jadi mikir2 takutnya isinya jelek... yup, akhirnya kuputuskan buat memebelinya deh.. btw, kamu order di olshop mana??

  4. This is super cute :) Thanks for sharing!

  5. Chinooo, lucu banget ini buku :D Hehehe ngesot ah mo cari, reizei kalo ga salah jual ya?

  6. ^,^ bagus buat newbie sih.. kalo yg uda expert mungkin biasa aja.. hehehe.. ak uda liat2 dulu isinya di toko buku sbelon beli.. >.<

    ak beli di lumayan =D diskon 15%

  7. wah lupa ak ga pernah ngecek lapak lagi>.< tpi keknya si pernah liat ada yang jual disana... hehehe lucu banget emang.. xD pengetahuan+hiburan lol bli onlen aja say kalo ga dapet..=D

  8. di gramedia ada ga ya kira2??
    lucu bgt !!

  9. ada...x3 pertama kali ak liat di gramed kok heheh kemaren ini pas mampir ke gramed keknya malah baru cetak lagi tuh, dipajang di displaynya ^^

  10. masa kemaren aku ke gramed kaga ada TT TT
    beli di ol shop mana?

  11. mungkin stoknya beda2 kali say di masing2 toko.. ak beli di .. ^.^ semoga dapett yaaa..

  12. wokehh, kucari...
    makaciii pururu, hehe :D

  13. sayang di Palembang ga ada, aku dah cari di beberapa toko buku..


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