October 6, 2011

My OPI Package has arrived

Heiii everyone... sorry for lack of update.. During the mid-test, I have to prepare anything and get ready for my exam, although most of them are only submitting the final work. But it means I have to do everything at home, and sometimes lecturers thought we have so many free time at home, so they give us a huge number of task..:(  But some of my lecturers are kind enough to give us easy assignments to submit, considering we're going to have a great number of assignments.

By the way, yesterday, my package has arrived. :) I won Stella Lee Giveaway sponsored by Dunia Kutek ..thanks a bunch dear >.< I'm kinda suprised haha.. well let's take a peek into my package...Well I don't know what color the sponsor are going to send, so I'm pretty excited about what color I will get..:3

The package

Wrapped safely

My new OPI Family.. say hi ^.^

OPI Zom Body To Love..
A sparkling top coat.. 
A cute soft pink color
Nail strengthener
I'm so excited to swatch these on my nails. But unfortunately, I'm still really really busy. Wonder why assignments never have an end..>:(

Promised to swatch these and review them soon after I get rid of those assignments lol..

See you soon...(>ω<*)


  1. hoki aja say...;) kalo ad giveaway ntar dibagi2 kok linknya hehehe

  2. chino menang2 mulu niihhh, bagi donggg. hehe *tendangggg!

  3. well you should try them one day ;)

    thanks for visit ^^

  4. yeapp.. can't wait to swatch it too since the package arrived.. >_<btw thanks for the tips :D

  5. wowww!!! zom-body to love is awesome! ive the swatch on my blog already, its a glow in the dark nail polish! :D
    and the nail strengthener can be used as base coat as well, so you have top coat + base coat to complete the look ^_^ i cant wait you to try the nail polishes, please swatch it when you have time <3

  6. i really wans OPI nail colors dont have any :(
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    ♥ SadeeStyle ♥

  7. grawwwww...
    ur so lucky beibh!

    *garuk2 dinding, mupeng*



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