October 23, 2011

Monday already...

Hi everyone.. It's Sunday night already.. and sadly tomorrow I'll be busy with uni again.. I think I haven't get enough rest..I'm not feeling well lately, and no matter how long I rest.. still not in my usual condition.

I supposed to finish several things, but I'm stuck lately.. and finally I went out with my family. I'm shopping for my uni needs such as sketchbook, clear holder, black linen paper, and so on.. Graphic design really need lots of things especially for the performance, should be wrap with black linen paper, plastic, etc.. I know it should to be neat.. but somehow waste so many paper and plastic. I even can't remember how many roll of black linen paper I'd used for this 2 years, or how many sketch book paper that I used ..This only few things I got, because I was really in such a hurry... so I'll buy the rest later..

Uni needs

I also got my new double point needle.. Has been raved for it because I'm super excited to try knitting something smaller in round, such as leg warmer or hand warmer. It's gonna be used in next project, so just keep it wrapped lol...

Daiso Bamboo Double Point Needle
I want to buy size 11 but unfortunately there isn't
Size 12 (Japan Metric) 5.7 mm

By the way, today I wanna share something with you :) Lately I'd been really busy with my uni assignments, and I though I'm about to share what did I do last week.. Well the most interesting one comes from my Packaging Design subjects.. we were given a task to do a packaging design for instant coffee (ready to drink).. and after a long way of thinking and panicking for about a whole day (I'm totally turn crazy because I made it right before the submission...) then here's what I got...

D'Coffee (my version)
D'Coffee comes from DKV... sounds similar right?

3 different variants

Description (>,< too small)

And this one is too.. >.<
Now revealing the idea ... it comes from ....
I even can't believe myself ... When this picture appears on Google search, suddenly I got an inspiration and decided to use it..

And my biggest mistake is I was late when the exam began! The exam start at 8.30 AM, and I arrived at 09.00 AM!! There's so many things happened in the morning, and I keep praying all the way to uni...and luckily my lecture was late too. He's late around 1 hour, and I was late for about 30 minutes! Gosh, will never let this happen again.

Moved to another subject, this is known as Visual Merchandising or in another words Display. We were given task to design a sale event. The products, the brand, etc decided by ourselves. My team chose to design a nail polish display. It's a cute table display.. But this is only the dummy (miniature) with a scale 1:3. So this isn't the final one, this miniature is used for presentation in front of the class. Afterall, I'm quite satisfied with all of them.. :)

Left side

Right side
Sorry for blurry pic and some of them are censored for privacy.

Well, another month before facing the final exam.. I miss my long holiday!! Hahaha I'd decided so many project to be done at holiday too.. so really can't wait for the end of the year...

Let's welcome Monday with a smile (although it's hard.. I know it!! I have my class in the morning  T ^ T)

See you soon..(>ω<*)


  1. thanks.. :D gonna check your blog then

  2. Everything looks great :) and that moustache is really eye catching lol
    I tagged you on my latest post :)

  3. yes, 100% agree with u hahahaha... lately I enjoyed being an art teacher.. x3.. there's so many things behind every single design -x- and take a really long progress...especially in uni!!

  4. yeap thxx... wanna graduate a.s.a.p. ><

  5. ahhaa those assignment remind me with my uni time XD
    good luck~!

  6. nice shoot, I'm super glad that I'm done with all the design things LOLZ. cuz I haaate designing something for other, for consumers of course. hahahah. I shd have entered the fine art class instead.


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