October 14, 2011

My Day Off.. finally~

Hi dear.. I'm so glad I'd passed my first week, there's one week left and still surviving T ^ T..

I made an illustration and submit it for my exam. The theme is to make an illustration about product advertising. So I decided to draw this, inspired by Bubzbeauty tutorial. I found the butterfly is really gorgeous! Hehehe.. Unfortunately I'm in a rush to submit this one so this one is the only I could capture.. :(
Illustration .. poor quality >.<
There's another one actually. It's a collage about coffee but I forgot to take a picture of it >_<

After submitting those paintings, I spent my whole days with my BF, watching Cars 2 and Pirates of Carribean.. Both of them are really awesome!! Highly recommended! You have to watch them all..

Cars 2
Pirates of Carribean
And I found another interesting part when we were going to the cinema, Blitzmegaplex. Well, we had no idea to spent 1,5 hours before the movie begin, and then my BF said what about if we buy some popcorn.. I just agree, then we ordered a pack contains one medium popcorn and two drinks.The cashier ask which flavor do we want. And it's been a long time since I went to the movie, ended up buying salty popcorn. Seems everybody prefer salty popcorn than the sweet one. I want the sweet one!! T ^ T but there's no one like the sweet popcorn.. suddenly the cashier said,"Do you want to mix them?"

My eyes must be really in blink blink mode lol... I replied ,"Do you mean we can mix for the salt and sweet popcorn.."

He said,"Yes.." I'm so happy.. very very happy!! And so do my BF.. he said it tasted better when both salty and caramel popcorn are mixed together..Yayyy... I love it ..*not important really* (I don't know if it can be mixed, really!!)

My tired face.. didn't put much make up because I'm breakout lately.. T ^ T

Btw.. funny picture.. Capture it accidentally .. omg so cuteeee....

Sleepy me ~~

I have 11 hammies right now.. ^^ such a really big family lol.. Mummy panda was missing few days ago, she sneaked out from her cage, but luckily I found her .. it was really a coincidence @_@ I told my BF she might be stuck behind the drawer, My BF said nope, she was not there. 2 hours later, seems I got a feeling that I wanna make sure myself by seeing with my eyes. And when I check behind the cupboard, there she is.. stuck behind the drawer... T ^ T Poor you.. I cried all night long when I knew she's lost! I'm so glad!! So glad your mother has came back, babies..~

Hahahah...I'm tired but so happy in the same time. I could spent my day off time with my BF and do so many interesting things.. Then prepare to face another busy week again >_<.. I bought a lot of canned coffee for my next assignments!! I'll post about it after I finish it... :)

See you soon...(>ω<*)


  1. yeah me too... :( I'm kinda stressed a little bit lately...><

  2. I break out so badly too, around nose and cheek T_T


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