October 18, 2011

Randomness while working..

Hello lovelies.. there's nothing special I would write for today.. I just wanna share some random thought and opinion.. :) hope you enjoy reading this.

Well, I'm in front of computer right now, with my Illustrator and stuck with ideas *I thought this is a usual things for designer xP*.. when usually in my free time I got so many ideas to be done. Wonder why lol...? I just get bored and decide to write something..

When I am working with some project, I could suddenly thinking about so many things. About what should I buy  for monthly shopping. Adding things to my wish list. And many more. Sometimes I get distracted so easily especially in front of computer, always do so many Alt+tab..

Lately I'm interested and do some observation on these things..( of course while I'm working with my assignments .. LOL)

MAD Indelible 3 in 1 Waterproof Liquid Liner
MAD Indelible Waterproof Gel Liner

1.MAD Mineral Gel Liner and Liquid Liner
I'm a big fan of eyeliner!! But remembering my eyes condition lately so I haven't used any eye make up for a while. And I'm thinking to find a waterproof and smudgeproof eyeliner, because I used to go everywhere by public transportation or motorcycle. And if you know that Jakarta is getting really really hot lately, and I swear  you will sweat a lot if you're outside for a long time... that's why I'm interested to try this eyeliner.. since it's waterproof I wouldn't worry that my eye will turn into panda eyes! Besides, it's cheap and there so many beautiful colors you can choose;D the only thing that confused me which one should I choose between the gel and the liquid one.. I wanna try the gel type but definitely love liquid liner.. since gel liner could dries if you didn't keep them properly.. so yeah I'm pretty confused right now..
yum yum honey..
I'm seriously taking care of my health right now.. lol But I tried to eat my yoghurt regularly (which usually I only use them for my mask.. haha).. and I'm thinking about trying honey, besides I wanna make some pancakes with honey!! In the end, it's about pleasing my tongue.. well but I think it's not a wrong choice to buy honey, ;D

Eco Tools Brushes
3.Eco Tools Brush
Searching for brushes that would fit for a beginner like me and affordable.. xD So I saw this one and Eco Tools has received so many good review and I think I wanna give it a try....
Cute Birds

4. Challenge
I'm thinking about make a new challenge for myself... Last holiday, I make a challenge to learn knitting via youtube and make a scarf. I also succeed make a hat.. lol.. Satisfied really because so many people said knitting is really difficult.. :( .. well the purpose is to learn something new. I enjoy learning things like that.. Since it's been a long time, I'm thinking about making a challenge about drawing... 100 cute animal in vector.. >.> sounds interesting huh? It's gonna be my next holiday BIG homework.. :)

Well that's what I'm interested and thinking about lately... :) My mid-term is going to end soon.. :) I'll talk about another things later then..

See you soon...(>ω<*)


  1. yeah.. that's why I decide to buy them .. thx for the advice.. :D

    Yeap..honey is good for your health too^^

  2. I have that brush set and bought it reasently to my younger sister too and we both love it:) You can order it very cheaply from iHerb.com if you allready didn't know that. I also bought honey couple of days a go, because I thought I would use it in my body scrub:P

  3. ngga kok.. hehe dari google... kemaren lagi nyari2 referensi buat tugas ada yang lucu :D

  4. gambar cute birds nya chino yg bikin yaa?
    cuteee bangeeett...bikinin kucing kucing kuciiing dooonkk...kyaaa...


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