October 14, 2011

Review & Swatch - OPI Zom Body to Love

Hi dear.. Finally I got some day off and write this post. It's such a really tiring week. I should stay awake all night to finish my assignments. And I want everything to be perfect, so yeah.. it takes a lot of time. T ^ T

Okay.. now time to do some review and swatch.. I've been waiting for about a week to try this. Unfortunately, I was busy with assignments and facing with glue, paint, etc.. which means it could harm my nail!! So I decided to wait until I get some free time =(

Here's a nail polish I got from Stella Lee Giveaway sponsored by Dunia Kutek ...

Well this is my nail with Zom Body to Love. :)

without flash

with flash

What do you think?? It's really cute >,<

Few days ago, Stella said that I could use the nail strengthener as the base coat..I'd tried and it works nice! Thanks dear :) But it is very sheer when I put 1 coat only, I achieved this color with 3 coat.. But since it dried really fast, it doesn't matter. ;D I love the green color and moreover I did some test for its glowing and it DOES really glow in the dark..

I'm thinking about adding some pattern on it but have no idea ... *after one week getting crazy with my exam, out of idea LOL*

Give it a rate 5 out of 5.. OPI is really amazing.. Wanna buy the shatter series.. >_<

I'm about to write another interesting post.. so please keep an eye hehe ;)

See you soon..(>ω<*)


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