February 12, 2012

Say Hello to Dove Nourishing Oil Care!

For all Indonesian readers, you might have heard that Dove has just released their new range, Nourishing Oil Care. Their ads are everywhere.. and I can't help myself not to get one. xD I'd used Dove Shampoo several times before this new range is being launched, so I have a high expectation for their new products.

The essential thing from this new product is combining the benefit of natural oil from almond, sunflower, and coconut in Nutri-Oil Technology.

For more information you can check the site at here.

The packaging is white as most of Dove products comes in, with a hint of gold combination. Okay I think it's representing oil and rich formula.

The first time I'm using the shampoo, I'm kinda surprise about how thick the texture is. Because I'd tried several variants from Dove, I could compare that Dove Nourishing Oil Care shampoo is much more thicker. And I just need a little amount to wash my hair. Really impressive with this! And you still can feel how did it works to moisture your hair. I love it.

They suggest to use a coin size amount of shampoo in normal hair condition. Okay, they didn't exaggerate at all.  But when my hair is getting oily or dirtier than usual, I just wash my hair twice to make sure it's been washed properly. :)

The shampoo also have a sweet fragrance that I love.At my first time I use it, my hubby said,"Are you using a new perfume?".. and I said,"No, it's just my new shampoo..." I feel like 'shampoo ads look-a-like' conversation... hahaha but it happened for real.

The conditioner itself works really good. My hair is dry and easily get tangled in the morning. I try to wash my hair without combing it first and put this conditioner on after washing my hair. The result is really satisfying! :) My hair become smoother and easier to maintain. I'm personally love their new range product and can't wait to try on another product in this range. Beside, the price of this product won't make you cry. :) I'll definitely purchase this again.

- Super nice fragrance
-Thick formula


Rating 5/5 Totally AWESOME!!

You should try it especially if you have such a dry and frizzy hair!! :D


  1. hallo~ we also have this new dove shampoo and conditioner. my hair doesnt like it :s it became dry when I use the shampoo alone. when i use both of the products, there's nothing really special aside from having a clean and conditioned hair.

  2. Too bad it didn't work on you >.< I used both of them all the time so far. Have you tried the Dryness Care range? I used the shampoo alone and it's quite moisturising for me..:)

  3. Nice reviews...I tried the anti-dandruff range and I love it...It makes my hair really soft and smooth plus eliminating the nasty dandruff as well..=)

  4. *high five*..100% agree with you! I ever tried it too when I'm having problem with dandruff... unlike other anti dandruff shampoo, there's no dry hair after usage.. :D leaving a soft and silky hair..

  5. I think I need this, my hair is bit dry >.<

  6. Thanks for sharing this (: i think i need to try!

    CMPang x

  7. awwww!! nice! i always using dove too but other series.. hair fall damaged i guess. Gotta buy this one soon, i'm running out my old ones.


  8. Yes you should give this one a try :D

  9. :D Yeah you can try this.. ^.^ I love this shampoo very much hahaha

  10. I've tried the shampoo and conditioner of this Dove range, and I like too, especially the smell of my hair after using it! ^^

  11. Yes! They have such a super nice scent :3

  12. This is my favourite shampoo now! :)


  13. i love this shampoo:_

  14. ikutan giveaway di blog ku yuk ^^ http://wind-atree.blogspot.com/2012/02/my-birthday-giveaway.html heheee thanks


  15. Thanks for reviewing this. I've been on a quest to finding a better shampoo, and I was tad reluctant to give Dove a try. After reading this, will definitely giving it a try!


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