February 10, 2012

Review and Swatches : Sariayu Lipstick in Reog 01

Quick review about local brand in my country, Sariayu. This brand is famous for the decorative products with so many colour, especially for their eyeshadow collection.. But now I'm going to review the lipstick.

I got this from Stephanie's giveaway :)

Mine is from Reog Series in number 01. A deep red color. I think it's a bright red color but after I swatch it, it's much more like maroon, but not too dark. The results turn out nice and the color is really pigmented.

This lipstick is a little bit drying so make sure you put on your lipbalm before using this. I barely use lipstick because I have super dry lips, so I need to put on my lipbalm first to make it glide smoothly.. But for a local brand, it's a great product with affordable price. Moreover, they're easy to find.:)

The pigmentation is really great and it's a little bit staining eventhough I'd wiped it with tissue paper and water. So you need to use lip make-up remover to remove it completely.

I'm thinking for trying another color since they have a new collection for 2012 named Kelimutu and Bena Collection, inspired from Nusa Tenggara region. :) It such a pretty color eyeshadow, soft and nude lipstick color. I can't wait to try on them.. :D

source : Google

-Good pigmentation
- Available in various color
-Easy to find

-Hard to remove

Rating 3.5 / 5

;) I'm definitely will try another color, especially the their newest collection.. what about you?


  1. never try sariayu before ^^ i should buy one :D

  2. Yes yes yes I heard they are good and cheap. I always wanna review on local brand too. Show me some more local brand too!! xxx


  3. wow! nice products..and their ad poster look so stylish and classy!! I would definite buy those by just seeing that poster..hehe..=)

  4. I think the same about the poster hahaha... xD can't wait to try the lip product of 2012 collection.. really temptating

  5. Yes.. I'm quite impressive they're coming with wearable color for 2012 collection... :D I'll review some more local product later ..

  6. gonna try this:)

  7. Wew..reog 01 looks a bit scary on tube ye, eke punya yg reog 03, my fave mlbb lipstick! sumpeh jatohnya cakep, mlbb gitu deh yah. kalo pake si reog 03 ini cukup bedak+ni lipen aja bisa bikin muka jadi seger seketika. Cobain deh *tebar racun dini hari* :D

  8. Iya :P koleksi lippen merahku jadi banyak deh LOL... iyaaaa pengen si reog 3 xD ... yang 2012 juga lippennya cakep2 loo...

  9. Waaah bagus ya lipstick nya ;) never thought sari ayu has nice products. >.<

  10. kayaknya bagus lipsticknya^^ jadi pengen coba :D


  11. Yep ^.^ eyeshadownya juga oke kok, cuma most of them shimmery dan ngejreng banget warnanya.. hehehe :)

  12. Baru baca yang ini. Foto-foto lipstik di atas kainnya keren deh. Cocok sama nuansa lipstiknya sendiri. :D Itu kain silk ya?

  13. Thanks ^^ itu pake kain furing, dulu bekas pelajaran tata boga buat menghias meja hehehe :)

  14. Ooohh. :D Hihi, biasanya kaen furing buat dalemnya rok, ini buat taplak. :) Lucuu. :))


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