February 2, 2012

Review : Etude House Hand Bouquet Rich Butter Hand Cream

Hello pretties!! How's your day? :D I won Phanie's giveaway twice few weeks ago, and I think I wanna share some products review.:D

Here's what I got from her.

Today I'm gonna make a review about the hand cream. My first hand cream ever! Actually my skin is pretty dry, plus I often wash my hand and it makes my hand getting drier..

Okay now onto the products... Etude House Hand Bouquet Rich Butter Hand Cream 

It comes in a cute soft purple tube packaging with flowery ornaments. Well it looks like my paint tube but bigger LOL. But the cap is not a flip type, I would prefer a flip cap because it will be easier to open.

It is also sealed with a foil. :)

The texture is quite creamy and thick, but when you spread it, the cream feels like melt and spread evenly without worry. :D so nice. It also has a nice floral and a little bit hint of talc scent. But me super like it! It really moisture my hands without leaving such a sticky feeling like most of cream does.

It also contains 5% shea butter. Shea butter is widely known as a really great skin moisturizer. So for me, this product is quite moisturizing my hand.
-Sweet and nice scent
-Easily spread
-Not sticky
-Quite moisturizing for me


Rating 4.5/5

If you're interested with this product, go get a tube, it's really worth to try.. (>ω<*)


  1. I've tried this before and indeed i love the scent...=)

  2. Ah... aku juga suka wanginya... ^^
    pernanya coba pas di etude house... (ga beli sih, haha)

  3. Memang wanginya lembut ^^ makanya suka deh... hehehe

  4. Salah satu hand cream favoritku~ hehehe.. glad u liked it as well! ^^

  5. Demen bangettt... hehehe thank you for giving me so many stuff :D

  6. so tempting:p

  7. Yes.. you can test it in the nearest Etude counter xD

  8. Hmm. the hand cream looks so tempting :). Thank you for reviewing.


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